Star Trek Sirius Finished 1-20-2023

BTW. Last night I finished, “Star Trek Sirius”. After 12 years it was very sobbering.

I’m shooting a video interview with myself this weekend that explains the whole story on this film and the history. It will be part of the upload so those new to this Star Trek film will understand what I went through to make it.

It is deadicated to my late with Gilly Neill who wrote the script and is the voice of the ships computer.

Thanks to my dear friend Paul Gentry for shooting this film and providing the equipment to do it.

Als Justin Heard who plays the Romulian commander and Doug Drexler for playing Captain Drexler of the USS Drexler.

Also Chris Martin for the wonderful Enterprise CGI model.

Somewhere out there is the guy that did all the bridge graphics animations. Can’t find your name. It’s been a long time since I made this film will you please report in. I’m doing the end credits over the weekend. And that goes for anyone else that helped I may be over looking.

One thought on “Star Trek Sirius Finished 1-20-2023

  1. This is amazing Steve!! I just wonder where you find the energy to keep so many projects in the frying pan. Your extra attention to the details in everything you touch is what makes your props/masks/films etc… so special. Keep up the fantastic work!! Greg and Mira


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