Star Trek Sirius is finished and on You Tube

Well I think you have all waited long enough. 12 years is just too long. So here it goes it’s on You Tube.

Please watch the intro. Please don’t skip over it so you can understand the long history of this film and why it took 12 years to finish. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Star Trek Sirius is finished and on You Tube

  1. Just saw your preamble and movie. Enjoyed it. I don’t know why anyone would fault you for imperfections. That kind of adds to the fun. This is, to me, a nice tribute to your late wife … and also shows Rosie the Wonder Dog as a loyal first officer. Cheers on a successful journey my friend.


  2. Excellent, I shall watch today. have been very sick…but am coming around now. Had a sinus infection, then Covid and just as those symptoms started fading I got pinkeye…  Sheeesh…My granddaughter is a petri dish… So glad to see this. Now that I am not coughing every 10 minutes, I will give you a call soon and catch up properly> Much Love, Raven Raven Dana216.526.1667

    May your days be full of wonder & joy.


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