Customer Reviews

From Torrey Courtemarche 10-30-2022

I just added Steve’s Walton alien to my collection and he did an amazing job!! There were a lot of details that impressed me, from the hand painted eyes that make him look real, the skin texture and the rest of the sculpt. It was done by hand and not a 3D printer. Steve really captured the realism and that isn’t what you get with most 3D print outs. (Faces in real life are rarely that symmetrical, there’s flaws and 2 slightly different measurements for each side of a person and I’m sure aliens.) The paint job is impeccable and the mounted base really brings everything together.   I would highly recommend buying from Steve and will add that he is genuinely a nice and caring guy, who answered all my questions and kept me up to date on his progress. 5 stars. -Torrey C

Thank you Torrey!!!!