Sightings Mask is available

This mask is a replica of the mask I created for the 1990’s TV series “Sightings”. This was the first grey alien mask ever created. Many were sold from the screen used mold back in the early 90’s and some still exist today as I have seen them for sale on eBay and fans have sent me pictures of theirs they still own.

I have over the years bee asked to bring them back. I had made several types for the show but this one was the first and most used.

The eyes on these masks are vacuum formed clear tinted plastic you can see through.

Salt Vampire started

Looks weird without hair but if you look at the beautiful lady holding her mask you’ll notice it doesn’t have the wig on it which really helps because there aren’t any pictures I can find of it close up, from all sides and without hair.

It’s rough ad I have only be sculpting for a bout 2 hours but really close!

I will start offering these next week with the wig on and the neck hair and eye brows.