It’s flies! Resin cast V-2 with scale fins a success!

Flew the V-2 for the first time today on a D-12-5. She lumbered off the pad and got tp about 250, started the very scale like return to Earth and the chute opened and landed safely. Scale fins are stable and I added no nose weight.

Here’s some not so good cell phone video. I believe a better one today was made today by our new member Nathan and I’ll post that later.

And this video show the aftermath.

I couldn’t be more pleased. Next time I’ll use a E for more power. First flights I always use low power to see it flight capability.

BTW I didn’t use 1/2 oz. cloth on the fins for this build. Just CA without kicker and they held very well with no cracks or breaks.

You got to love F1 slot cars

I was at Ventura hobbies yesterday getting supplies and Vern had a Jackie Stewart Tyrrell from 1970 I just couldn’t pass up for my collection. The detailing and craftsman ship on these cars combined with the low cost makes them hard to ignore.

Although I prefer scratch building and kits there’s something about the instant gratification this seasoned professional modeler finds irresistible.

It actually runs well too and the tires aren’t bad but that darn magnet has to go by by! Click on the thumbs for a larger image.

Finished masks and one to go

I finished yesterday the Seemore and Werewolf. These ship on Monday. Still to come is the finishing on the Moon watcher mask. The skin needs to be painted and the under skull attached to the head cap. My hair order arrived yesterday so I can make a nice blend of black, dark brown and touch of grey.

I painted the teeth and gums yesterday and found the tongue mold, it was missing so I’ll cast the tongue today. All my latest orders will be done next week and I hope to get back to the Laser Blast figure.

Many of you have asked for a full sized Laser Blast gun and don’t have an interest in the figure. I’m sorry to report that the gun is too hard to make, to costly and would require outsourcing to make. I don’t have the funds for this nor would it be profitable to make.

Here’s some pictures from the day. Be sure to click on the thumbs for the larger image.

End of the World

We are getting closer so why not remember this early film in my career where I had the pleasure to work with Chris Lee, make his life mask, make a cool mask and play an alien.

This is 1977 and I was one of the first to make those grey alien looking beings. This one is without his eye covers we know today which are black. Few knew I was the one responsible for the black eyed aliens as they appear today. If I had only trademarked the image. But I digress.

Ve Neill was digging through pictures and slides and came across many slides taken during our early careers when we partners and lived together in Toluca Lake.

She found pictures of the mask that the poster was based on. I thought they were lost. There’s more I’ll share later in future stories on this website.

These were 35 millimeter slides. I took thousands during my career. I’m just starting to look through them for my up coming book about my career.

Thank you Ve for this fantastic find!

Working hard

Working hard on completing orders. Today I pain the Werewolf, Seemore, and the skin I successfully pulled from the mold for Moon watcher yesterday. This polyfoam skin is so soft it’s hard to believe. They have come along way with foam tech since I started using it back in the late 70’s. Outstanding.

Under skull is made to wear if needed. I made the skull and how it functions base on a rare picture I found on the net that shows the inside of one of the masks used in the film.

Teeth get painted today. Hair order should be here today too so I can get going on hair work.

We are busy once more

It got a little quiet for us for a couple of months. It’s called the summer slump I’m told but things are picking up again and there’s plenty to do.

Working on a Moon Watcher mask, a Werewolf of London, some rocket kits, and a Seemore. Add to all that the film and my Laser Blast sculpture and you have a busy boy.

Today I should have my soft polyfoam skin for Moon Watcher. You can see the latex skin in the mold. Under Skull is all cut and ready for the teeth to me install and the elastic hinge.

Our weekly newsletter

⛱ Looks like our Summer slump is ending. 🌻Things are picking up. I now have a bunch of customer projects to work on. Great! 😎

We have orders for more masks and rocket kits. One of the masks is another Moon Watcher mask for a customer in Australia. He also got one of the 4-eyed alien masks called “Seemore”. 
Moon Watcher has a lot of steps to him. Fiberglass underskull and head cap. Teeth and ears. Hinges, latex and polyfoam skin that I will make on Monday and a lot of hair work.


The latex skin will go over this underskull once it’s all cut out and the jaw hinged.
Skull cap is used to mount the under-skull  so it fits well on a human head.


Cast resin ears and teeth

it takes various molds  to make this mask
We got another order for the “Werewolf of London”. He remains popular.


This one is fresh out of the mold. It will dry out over the weekend and I will finish it on Monday with paint and hair work.
Meanwhile, in the background, when I have time, I have been working on my Saturn 1B. It was the workhorse and backbone of the Apollo program. The Saturn 1B helped us get to the moon 52 years ago. Fitting, because this week has been a celebration for us with the 52nd anniversary of Apollo 11 and Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin team made its first historic flight to space. For a great history lesson and understanding of how we got to where we are today read this “Letters from an American” for July 23rd by Heather Cox Richardson:


Mary’s finished painting this week is an alcohol ink, Crab on the Rocks

Crab on the Rocks.jpg

Every morning and night when I come home from the studio I work on our film. I will all this weekend and for weeks to come until it’s finished. It is turning out well.
Thinking ahead for new projects I’m considering doing a series of Christopher Lee masks based off the life mask I made of him back in 1977. It was a wonderful experience to work with this great actor. First mask I’m considering is his famous portrayal of Dracula. Because it’s taken from a clay press of his actual face I feel it gives it more value.


 I plan to build, at long last, my AMT Enterprise D. Here’s a picture of one I built for a customer. So yes, as Mary says, “It’s time to melt some plastic together again”.


That’s it for this week. We are taking a break from making weekly videos until we have some projects we haven’t done before. If you have a suggestion of something you’d like to see, please share it with us.
🙏🏻 Thank you for your love and support, it is greatly appreciated !
🥰 We love you a whole bunch!
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