Steve’s Model Making Page

I have been modeling since I was 6 years old. Over the years I have done a lot of modeling both for personal enjoyment and professional purposes. 

I have built for film and TV and also collectors. Some of my work is in museums such as the Original Star Trek Set Tours in Ticonderoga and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

I do except modeling contracts to this day. Whether it’s a plastic kit built up or a custom model from scratch.0

Here’s some sample images of models I have built over the years. The 66 TOS Enterprise is widely known and a complete scratch built. All parts and masters for the model were built by hand from scratch.

Also the 36 inch wide Space station From 2001: a space odyssey is entirely handmade. No 3D printing was used. This was built for the San Francisco Modern Art with a special exhibit they had there last year.

I will add to this page as I go long here. Check back often and I’ll do a blog post so all the followers here will be notified by email that the page was started.

I want to thank everyone here that has supported this website and the studio over the 9 years I have had the doors open to SNG Studio. 

I have built several of these models from my molds displayed here. Some were hung from the ceiling thus the cables. Some had rooms behind the windows and figures standing inside. Even a complete lighted bridge.

And the original first model built back over 12 years ago. This model I still have a it lives in my office today seen in the first picture.

  The Star child was created from scratch. I used all the pictures Adam sent me of the original and he worked closely with me as I sculpted this replica to make it accurate. Adam later got one from me he added moving eyes to.   

This Iron Giant stands over 6 ft tall in our front gallery of the studio and was all scratch built. With the exception of the 3D printed hands done for me as a favor by the Ventura Adult Continuing education school local to our studio.

Also my dear friend George Dahr was instrumental in assisting me in this build. The head I sculpted by hand using foam and fiberglass epoxy built up. I made a silicone mold to make the head cast it out of epoxy resin. The chest is all hand built out of styrene. Most of the big guy was free handed by me using various materials. L200 to acrylic balls you name it I used it.

Moonwatcher so impressed me when I first saw 2001 in the theatre back in 1968. I was 16. That movie changed my life and set me on my career path.

Little did I know 54 years later I’d meet and become friends with Gary Lockwood and Dan Richter.

Dan came to the studio for a Podcast we did with Gary and he saw my recreation of his Moonwatcher mask and asked to put it on. This was an amazing moment for me as is apparent in these pictures Mary took.

I’ll talk more about this next week.