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Latest Newsletter 12-21-2021

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the shop, my benches are full and my tools are on top. I work making a toy for the one that I love so I can place it under the tree that has the  bright star above. The joy of making is the joy of great interest and I never loved making more than I have this Christmas. 
That sums it up for me last week. I have been at a special present non-stop and filling orders. I wish I could share with you what I’m making for Mary (the editor of this newsletter) but it will have to wait until Christmas day.
Next week it’s back to business, the Star Destroyer and filling more orders. With the new year coming I have many new products to make and get in the store that I hope you’ll love as much as I do.
Today I’m off to the slot car races for the first time in a while now that my head cold has passed. It was a bad one.  One of my favorite things to do is drive my sports car to these events. It gives me a good excuse to drive her as she sits mostly under a car cover at the studio.
My 1985 Z warming up for the drive.
Mary has been busy sewing, weaving, painting rocks, decorating and shopping. 

I got that Cochran Statue built and sent off to it’s new happy home. I am always grateful to Doug Drexler for allowing me to produce his famous Star Trek prop!

We are getting back to a healthy flying season this year. We didn’t fly much in 2021 or build free flight planes. Something I plan to change for the new year as I just got some new kits last week!

And I got a new slot car for myself for Christmas. This is a super high end and now rare Ostorero Dream Slot and that it is. He makes some of the best slot cars in Italy let alone the world. I was lucky to find one!


There will be a newsletter on Christmas and some videos next week. Where I’m going today to race is spectacular and will be covered in this Sunday’s “Sunday Slot Car Fun” video show. It’s the last race of the year.

And here’s a lovely picture from my home track. It’s always a joy to play with and work on. Every Christmas from the time I was 11 to 14 my Dad  would get me a slot car track or cars or both. We raced all the time and it was a great joy we shared together. He’s alway with me when I play with the cars and race.
Have a great Christmas week ahead everyone. We love you all very much!
Steve and Mary

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