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March 5th 2022

As I write this, it occurs to me I am a space traveler after all. For this is something I’ve always dreamed of being. I have successfully had 70 orbits of the star we call Sol. And considering where I have been and lived having a Hollywood career it is nothing short of an amazing accomplishment. Moreover, since the spark struck me when I first watched Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and 2001: a space odyssey all those years ago, my enthusiasm and joy for the work I still do as a result of those shows still continues at large in my humble little studio in Ventura by the sea. I am so grateful.

Since I met Mary, nearly 9 years ago now,  I have had the best decade of my life. I have never been happier. My 60’s were amazing and life with Mary and my dogs has been and still is the best. Love is amazing and it’s the root and being of all happiness.

As for the last week of my 60’s, at the studio, it was extremely busy. My coming full circle to the very things that started my career is paying off once more. Planet of the Apes started my career as a special effects makeup artist. 

In the early seventies I used to make myself up and attend conventions and special events as a Planet of the Apes character. I also sold foam rubber makeup appliances, Spock ears, and other items I recreated from those shows. This led to my exposure to the professional community. And this all led to getting my first jobs on Planet of the Apes TV show and Star Trek.

So here I am today repeating what I did back in the 70’s. Full circle and I’m enjoying it once more. This week I made masks of the Gorilla and chimps for happy customers. These are signed by me and the gorilla’s are numbered. Here I am wearing the first one out of the new mold.


Additionally I have been making up more rocket kits. The X-15 series has been popular lately.


We have been conducting auditions this week for the Peter Fox Film, “Good Vibrations”. Soon we will be starting production on the film and I will be directing. Thank you Peter for this opportunity. BTW you passed the audition! LOL


In all that I do, I find the time to build and fly model airplanes. You all know by now how important it is to me to fly. Hobbies are life savers. They are more than toys when they fly, they are experiences.


Mary got me a new slot car for my birthday today. Beautiful machine and I can’t wait to put it on the track. But I need another cup of tea first.


Speaking of Birthday presents I made this one for Mary this week in the middle of all this busy stuff going on. Please watch the short video so you can see the Lotus flower change colors.


I enjoyed making this for her very much.

That’s it for me. This is the first newsletter of the first day of my 70’s. 

And I almost forgot. Speaking of Star Trek, I actually got to see real, proper, Star Trek last night. We watched the first episode of the 2nd season of Picard. Finally they got it right. It was wonderful! Real Star Trek as I kept saying all through it to Mary’s dismay. It was quite emotional for me being a member of the Star Trek family I (I worked with Gene Roddenberry on Star Trek more than once) and watched it get mauled and mangled over the years by filmmakers and directors that didn’t understand Gene Roddenberry’s creation of Star Trek. They always put their spin on it which I never appreciated much. Welcome back Star Trek and long may you live. How appropriate and synchronistic for me that I saw it last night.

I’m going to spend the weekend building a model airplane. The winds are too strong today so I can’t fly as I always have on my birthday so I will build instead.


This is my little at-home building station awaiting me.

Mary has been posting her work on her blog on Sundays, https://marycacciapaglia.wpcomstaging.com 

this is where she puts her take on things, please subscribe when you visit.

Much love to you all!

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