SNG Studio Short Films

This film was shot 12 years ago and finally finished on 1-22-2023 . Watch the intro to understand the history of this film and why it took so long to finish.

The Dreamtime

Our latest film of 2021

This is a very contemplative and personal film with a unique vision. The way Hitler is used as a character goes against expectations, but is surprising and insightful. People have a tendency to see only the surface of things, not what lies beneath. This film lies beneath. It’s beautifully done, Steve. Whitley Strieber

But Something is There

Made in 2017 this film is a journey through the life of a person that has experiences with the unknown.

Martians Attack SNG

This film was made for fun using consumer grade cameras and equipment in 2015.

Foo Fighters the movie

Made with consumer equipment in 2011 this film tells the story of one man and his experience with the Foo Fighters which was a term durring WW2 which today means UFO.

The Day time Ended 1978

I wrote the original story and wrote the first screen play. I alos produced the film and recently it’s been remastered by Paul Gentry. This new HD trailer says it all.