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Laser Blast Figure

This Laser Blast figure of myself from the opening of the film I sculpted and molded, and then cast in two part resin. The model is mounted to a film can top as used on the original gun I also built for the film. The 3D printed gun by MarK Helmick is accurate to the original. Only 25 of these finished 1/6 scale figures will be made. Currently number 1 has been bought leaving 24 and when they are gone they are gone. Each figure is hand made and painted. Each figure is also signed and numbered.

This first test build is unfinished but is close. The Amulet still needs to be added and the shirt painted the correct color. There’s a few more details yet to be added to the gun.
We are taking pre-orders and making and shipping in the order we receive them.


1/6th Laser Blast Figure

Pre-order of the new Laser Blast Steve Neill figure signed and number limited addtion.

Laser Blast figure


The Crater Lake Monster Model Kit

One of the first jobs Steve had was to make this large head of the monster for the movie that matched the Dave Allen stop motion puppet. This head and neck bust is based on the original large sculpture he made.

The large head was used in close up scenes and later used in Mel Brooks “History of the World”. This is the first kit of creatures Steve played as an actor and created for films he worked on.

The Kit

Comes in 2 pieces with a clear tinted base and hallow cast monster neck and head. Teeth are separate and glued in individually.

Crater Lake monster unfinished kit


Crater Lake Monster finished and signed by Steve Neill