Alien Art Paintings and Sculpture For Sale


On this page we will post paintings and sculpture for sale from my art show that will hosted at our Ventura Studio and Ojai this summer. The show will include Sculpture, paintings, full sized figures, masks and a Virtual reality experience using Vive headsets.

Yvonne Smith and Whitley Strieber will attend the show.

These are all new works and they will be displayed on this page after the art show.

Here is a sample image.


Starting to post all the art

I’ll be posting paintings, sculpture, and even video from the art show after the 24th Art Show. Here are a few of the news ones. Price of each piece will be posted soon.

Please click on the thumbnails to see the full sized pictures. If you click the full size image in the right hand lower corner you can see a larger image when you see the magnifying glass cursor.

There are still more to come tomorrow.

Art Show Night

I want to thank all of you that attended and there were a lot of you there. It was overwhelming.

Whitley Strieber, Yvonne Smith, and Jimmy Church were in attendance. We had a great time!