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If you have purchased a mask or any item on this page or store be advised I make everything by hand and I alone make up the orders which can take a week to two weeks depending on how complex. You can follow the website by clicking on the follow button on the right hand side of this page. I post daily on the site progress of your orders and in progress pictures. All of these posts are listed on the Home Page of this site.

about the masks

Here you will find a number of masks sculpted by Steve Neill of characters you will recognize as favorites you’ll want to collect.

All made from thick latex and hand painted to last years. Some of the masks we are making will glow in the dark such as our upcoming Galaxy Being.

Currently we offer the Sixth Finger Mask Steve made over 10 years ago. This can be worn or you can place glass eyes into the mask for display only.

Steve is in progress of making the Galaxy Being that glows in the dark which will be our next offered mask. Prices will vary based on size and complexity of the mask.

We will be updating this page soon.

Planet of the Apes half mask

This half mask is sculpted to resemble the ape appliances made for the movies and TV show. I worked briefly for a few days on when I first came to Hollywood. It was an amazing time as I got to meet John Chambers, Roddy, and so many other amazing people on the famous Fox back lot and stages.

Planet of the Apes has always been near and dear to my heart. I first saw the movie in high school and it so captivated me I started studying how the makeups were done. I wanted to make myself up as an ape. By 1971 I accomplished that and started making appearances as a chimp. I even flew on a jet to LA for Ape Con in full makeup and costume. You could never do that today!

I made appliances and sold them at conventions and made friends and fans up as apes. All this lead to my getting in the makeup union and working on the TV show. The apes are what launched my long career.

Since I’m now recreating marvels from my career to offer to you, Planet of the Apes was a natural. If these masks are popular enough I’ll do the Orangutans and Gorillas.

This mask is made to add to your collection and be displayed. It’s made to look like makeups, not the background masks. It can be worn but it may not fit everyone. One size only.

Made of thick latex, hand painted, and hand laid hair by me you are getting a bit of ape history when purchasing one of my masks. Each one is signed inside.

Finished clay sculpture before molding.
Me with John Chambers when I worked with him.
First test mask with a little Photoshop around the eyes
Just hold the mask to my face. It fits well around the eyes and with a little makeup would blend well.

Chimp Mask

Price includes shipping. For over seas shipping please contact us for a quote.


Sightings Grey Mask

This mask is a replica of the mask I created for the 1990’s TV series “Sightings”. This was the first grey alien mask ever created. Many were sold from the screen used mold back in the early 90’s and some still exist today as I have seen them for sale on eBay and fans have sent me pictures of theirs they still own.

I have over the years bee asked to bring them back. I had made several types for the show but this one was the first and most used.

The eyes on these masks are vacuum formed clear tinted plastic you can see through.

Sightings Mask


Salt Vampire is coming

We are taking pre-orders for the Salt Vampire. They will have hair and a fur collar as per the original. Currently I’m sculpting her and if you look close at the actress holding her mask without the wig it is a match! I worked from a lot of pictures of this creature this picture told best the story and how the eyes were placed above the actors eyes and you could see through the deep slots under the eyes. This was typical of Wah Chang’s designs.

They will be ready to start shipping next week!

Salt Vampire


Balok Latex Bust

This is a studio scale bust of Balok. The sculpture is based on the actual prop which still exists. The owner posted many pictures of the prop that showed the bust from many angles and it was surprisingly different looking in the raw. Camera effects and lighting played a big part in the look.

All bust will be signed by Steve Neill. We are taking pre-orders and the masks will be available next week(week of 8-18-2020). This is the sculpture only in clay which is being molded today(8-13-2020).

James Gaunt sent us these pictures of the Balok he got from us and he added the costume and took these great pictures. Thanks James!


This price includes shipping. Please allow one to two weeks for delivery as every mask is made to order. Often they go out within the week they are ordered.


Ebonite Mask

Made from thick latex, epoxy glazed eyes and signed. This is a large mask, studio scale as are all our latex replica masks. Not a modernized version but sculpted close to the originals as possible. The eyes and mouth can be cut out so this mask could be applied to your face and worn just like the Chameleon mask. Price includes shipping.

Ed French made this up and had it on Face Book. I never knew John Anderson was the actor in the makeup. Thanks Ed for this little piece of history.



“But Something is There” Visitor mask

Visitor Mask

Visitor mask used in the film, “But Something is There”


This mask was sculpted by my dear friend Paul Butcher while working on my film, “But Something is There”. These are cast from the screen used mold and signed by the writer director.

The film can be seen here:

Cast in thick latex this wearable mask has vacuum formed tinted eyes.

Sixth Finger Mask

Steve actually was a friend of John Chambers and apprenticed with him in his early career. He always loved John’s creation and wanted one for himself when he sculpted this mask over 10 years ago.

This is a large mask, wearable and available with rubber painted eyes glazed with epoxy or cut out to wear.

This is my personal first casting from nearly 12 years ago now. I happened to notice how well the lighting in it’s current location showed off all the subtle details of this sculpture. Always one of my favorites. John Chambers was a friend and I worked with him on a movie. One of the great thrills of my career.

6 Finger Mask



Werewolf of London

I made this mask back 10 years ago now and we are offering it again. It makes a nice display mask and is the Henry Hall replica based on pictures from the film. Comes fully painted with hair.

A finished mask for display made recently. Teeth have been upgraded and it comes with the scarf fabric around the neck.


Mask + shipping


Chameleon Mask

Based on the original rough sculpture this is a pretty close match to the actual masks. I had one once back in the late 70’s and I remember how rough they were. I tried to duplicate the rough sculpture resisting the urge to modernize it and clean it all up keeping the charm of the original. These are made of thick latex and you can cut the mouth open and where it as a makeup with a little glue and color around your mouth.

It’s here!

The mask are available. This one was painted today.


Mask plus shipping


Frank Monster latex headpiece

This headpiece I made based on the original Jack Pierce latex cast. It has the brow piece attached to it and hair. It’s all painted up and ready for you to slip on, glue down, and make up your face to match. Makes a great collectable display piece too.

Frank Headpiece

Headpiece plus shipping


Seemore updated mask

I original did this design for a show in the 70’s called “Star Struck” We are bringing this mask back.


Mask plus shipping


Spock Ears

These are cast from the original masters made back in 78 for TMP. They are the actual sculpting Steve made for the ears based on a set of unused originals Fred Phillips gave me to match exactly from the original series. Originally made in foam rubber these castings are made in very thick latex for collectors. Signed by steve and in a shadow box.


Ears plus shipping


Klingon Forehead Piece

Steve sculpted many klingon forehead prosthetics for Star Trek 6. He created this headpiece as a replica to one of his favorites. From this mold latex castings are being made you can wear of display. Although the originals were foam rubber, foam rubber doesn’t last long before it rots. These thick latex castings will last much longer in your collection.

Klingon Forehead

Forehead piece plus shipping



Steve made this mask as a base for his Deadpool costume. Base meaning it would have had fabric applied to it. It was intended as an under structure. However fabric look was added to it so it could also be a display mask or worn. If there’s enough interest we can offer the mask. We will cast one up and paint it this week. This is the original sculpture before the detailing was added.


Mask plus shipping


Ape prosthetic in latex

The apes basically launched Steve’s career back in 1971 when he first made his own makeup based on the movie. over several years he perfected it and made many appearances at conventions, charities and more. It eventually lead to Steve being hired by the industry. So it has always been a first love.

He made this prosthetic 5 years ago to teach interns the process that was used in those days. We recently found the mold for the appliance and if there’s enough interest will offer them for your collection.

Ape appliances

Latex cast appliance from prosthetic molds. Comes with a vacuum form life mask of Steve. This is exactly how the original prosthetics were stored.


Westworld mask?

Steve created this mask in the early 70’s as a costume mask. This picture was taken of him in the early 70’s standing in front of his Toluca Lake apartment. We are thinking about making a new updated mask if there is an interest. Please let us know if you do.

Galaxy Being

Started the sculpture yesterday based on the actual screen used mask pictures. This mask will be available next week.

Update 3-8-2020

This was harder than I thought because the original mask pictures that Bob Burns had were wrong. How? The mask had distorted so badly over the years before it crumbled away it was a bad guide to go by. 

Others had made a version of the mask in the past that were sold and they were also more of an artist impression than accurate. That’s not to say mine is anymore accurate but I think it’s closer.

What I found on Youtube was footage taken from the show someone had reversed back from negative to positive which gave me a better view of the mask worn by the actor and a variety of angels. This showed me how off I was and the other masks were created in the past.

In the pictures where it is wet are not finished. The dry pictures are the finished sculpt. Today I make the mold. They are for preorder currently and are selling already.  I’m excited to get this one out of the mold!

Masks are now available to ship 4-10-2020

The Galaxy

Galaxy Being thick latex mask hand cast and an painted by Steve Neill includes certificate of authenticity and all masks are signed. Price includes shipping


Eye of the Beholder prosthetic

These are cast in latex from the foam latex mold that was done by John O’leary while he was interning with us back a few years ago. I found the mold and always loved that Twilight Zone episode. I thought it might be fun to offer it (and later on some other simple latex cast prosthetics) that unlike foam rubber can be re-used and collected.

Eye of the Beholder prosthetic

65 dollars and that includes shipping. All masks come with a signed certificate.


Travis Walton Alien Bust

Thick latex cast on a base. Signed. Approximately 10 inches tall.

Travis Walton Alien Bust


Communion Bust

These bust are thick latex cast and mounted on a base. About 11 inches tall. Authorized by Whitley Strieber a long time friend and signed by artist Steve Neill.

Communion Bust


Star Child

This is a recreation of the Star Child Liz Moore sculpture used in 2001: a space odyssey. It’s studio scale and made in cast resin. This is a large piece and made to look like the actual prop, not as it did on camera where it was highly processed with a wide angle lens, diffusion, and effects. This is how the original appeared in person and not to be confused with the 2010 version which was inaccurate.

This is the same model as many of you have seen on Tested with my friend Adam Savage.

Star Child


Moon Watcher

This is another recreation of the famous Moon Watcher from 2001: a space odyssey created my Stuart Freeborn. The skin is made from Silone rather than foam rubber which will last longer. The lips move and it has an under skull in fiberglass with resin teeth and a tongue. Punch and hand laid hair.

Also owned by Adam Savage and worn by him(see video) I am making a short run of these available for the serious collector.

Here’s a picture of Dan Richter the actor who played Moon Watcher at our studio wearing the mask for the first time in over 50 years.

Moon Watcher Mask