Props, models and more

Star Trek the Motion Picture Kirk Puppet

This was made from molds taken off the original studio prop. Made in resin cast and lighted. All the defects of the original remain. This is a large piece and I only make them to order.

Kirk Puppet


Spock Bust from Star Trek the Motion Picture

Sculpted by Steve and signed. This is how Spock first appeared in the film wearing Steve’s ears.

Spock Bust

This is a signed item.


Spock Ears from the TMP molds

The ears are from my original sculpture when I world on Star Trek the Motion Picture.

Cast in heavy thick latex and signed in a shadow bow.

Spock Ears


Cochran Statue

Sculpted by my long time friend Doug Drexler and used on Enterprise. Doug allowed me to make a mold off the original so that copies could be made. These are directly off the screen used prop. It includes and accurate simulated marble base.

The statue under my scratch built 66 inch Enterprise.

Cochran Statue