Steve Neill’s Slot Car Garage

Slowly but surely I will be making resin car body kits. Vacuum formed body kits. Track decore and more.

Our 1/32 Cooper T-73 body kit.

Resin body, and mirrors. Screen and vacuum formed windscreen.

Casting taken from silicone mold.

Original handcrafted master.

T73 Cooper F1 resin body kit


Cooper T51

Update 8-8-2021

Our next body will be the Cooper T51. Currently the body is being mastered. You can watch the progress on this site.

Here are pictures of the progress with a video to be loaded shortly.

Update 11-03-2021

Body master is coming along well. Mark Helmick is 3D printing the steering wheel, seat, mirrors, dash and other small parts which will be cast in resin. This kit will also include water slide decals and PE brass parts.