Ventura Model Aviators flying report page

Grassy Knoll 3-13-2022

Today the Grassy Knoll FAC Squadron had a smaller turn out than usual. Hugh figures it was the prediction of winds by the weather sources we have. They are often wrong and I have become more accustomed to following my native American genes gut feeling about it all. I knew they were wrong and went anyway. So did Gregg Goris, Jonathan Nunez, Hugh Langhans, Don Smith, Wade Wiley, and Sam Wagner. 

Hugh sent me the report and the planes everyone brought.

Steve Neill   Corsair and two others

Hugh Langhans   Panther and Phantom JetCats and Aeronca

Don Smith         Hellcat

Wade Wiley       P-51D

Jonathan Nuñez   Yak 3, Moubuson Racer

Sam Wagner    Gliders and rubber powered planes

Gregg Goris   P-30, Arado 234, Electric NOCAL P-51

As it turned out there was little wind at all. It was mostly calm right up to 12:30 pm. When I left it was still zero.

As usual we all had a very good time. Jonathan  showed off some lovely builds and perfect flights we all enjoyed. He also assisted in making me up a different motor and suggesting things that made for a better trim. Sadly on the last flight she nosed over unexpectedly for reasons unknown as was severely damaged. But she will fly another day.

Gregg Goris brought several planes I failed to get pictures of. One was a scratch built P-30  plane with radio assist for the rudder. The reason for this is, our field is a bit on the small side and he was able to keep this high flying plane within the confines of the park easily with just a few rudder inputs. When launched this plane would climb high level of and just circle the field. It was a wonder to watch. I’m now thinking about doing this myself. It opens up possibilities for our small field.

The reason I didn’t get more pictures was I was too busy trying to get my Volare Products Corsair trimmed for the mass WW2 launch. The Corsair did well enough that in the end it was down Jonathan’s Yak and my Corsair. Jonthan won.

I flew my Volare Products Square Eagle again and it flew very well, if not a short flight. She’s ready for 3 loops of 3/16. All she needs is more power and to turn on that electronic DT rubber band burner. 😉

The guys took some pictures too. I’m sure they will send them so I can add them later.

As usual, a good time, lots of laughs and fun was had by all!

Grassy Knoll 2-20-2022

Just got back from the Grassy Knoll in Van Nuys CA. It took 38 minutes to get there today from Ventura. Well worth the drive. When I got there at 7:30 it was dead calm but no one was there yet. Around 8:30 people started to show up.

I tried a few attempts at flying the Breda 88. Test glides show the model is perfectly balances as per the plans. But under power it was altogether a different animal. First try on 300 turns it pitched up stalled and landed. Second attempt I added some down trust. but as it turned out it was too much and the model nosed down. It damaged the tail and DT a bit not bad but then the winds started as they do around 11:00am. So next time out, less down thrust, more turns and it should go. I need to make a special stooge for it. It will make it easier to wind. Again the glide was spectacular. And light toss and she flies dead level and for a long way too. So I know I’m on the right track.

Johnathan Nunez showed up with a large Cub and his Yak that Volare Products offers. Both flew consistently well. Last flight of the day he nearly lost the Yak in a thermal. After seeing it fly I need to build mine after I finish the Cardinal. It’s a fantastic flyer.

I flew the Volare BAT and got a couple of good flights and the GAR Eaglet that on the last flight went crazy and looped twice before hitting the grass nose first. I have a bit of damage to repair but on the first flight it flew well. Not sure what happened.

The Peck J-3 Peanut I didn’t get to fly well. Not sure why but I’ll look it over at the shop and keep messing with it. I know they do fly.

Lastly I flew the Square Eagle twice. First flight with low winds and it appeared to fly a bit nose down. So I adjusted the Gizmo Geezer to a bit of upthrust and wow did I get a spectacular flight on 900 turns. I was able to sit back and take some pictures of her in flight. What a great flyer! I used 2 loops of 1/8 braided. At 900 turns I had a lot of room left for more turns next time out.

Everyone had a good time and got lots of good flights. No planes were lost or eaten by trees.

You can see the streamer rising up into the thermal and Jonathan’s Yak in it.

More pictures taken by Tony Accurso