Cyclops mold made 9-22-2022

The Saga of the Cyclops mold has taken me 3 days. I would usually make a mold in one sitting or about an 8 hour day. But these days I need to pace myself and I have less time at the studio because of all the other things I have going on in my life.

I have been shooting video all along and will cut it this weekend. Today I open this mold and clean it out. That means next week I can start making and painting masks.

So far #1 has been pre-sold.

Zen time and Airplanes

It’s been very hard to find any time to work on this Luscombe 8E Silvaire from Brodak. With studying for my PPL, going to Civil Air Patrol meetings, helping their cadets with their aerospace education program and running my studio it’s been a handful.

I got to work on it yesterday for a whole two hours. I needed the break and the zen. In that time I managed to frame the rest of the plane up and stick the parts together for a look.

Today at the end of the day I plan to shape sand the wing and add the ailerons.

The wing flattened nicely and replacing the balsa spars with spruce top and bottom really made the wing super strong. The weight increase was worth it for the strength. As it is this plane weighs very little ( maybe 11 oz.) and the 370 E-flite motor on 2s 1300’s will be more than enough power and give me long flights.

Busy times at SNG 9-7-2020

Wow what a day yesterday. It was all about visitors. We had a family come by. An old friend from out of town dropped in. I took my next door neighbor (who builds and races Kurtis midgets) over to my dear Manny Rodriguez fantastic Radical Auto Sports shop within walking distance of our studio to talk shop.

The day finished with Mary and I going to a Civil Air Patrol meeting last night where we met some new people, many of them pilots and aerospace. Capt. Pinero really gave us a lot more information about CAP and what we can expect being members. It was very interesting.

Mary and I both noticed that in our recent education to become pilots we could understand the aviation terms, acronyms and language. It showed us how rewarding our efforts have been.

Today is the Dentist. Oh boy. That usually shoots the day.

Friday I have more visitors and a favour of vacuum forming to do for a high school student. Thursday, last I checked is a day I can actually work on the Cyclops. I’m hoping to finish the sculpture. Next week I go into LA to pick up supplies to mold the Cyclops.

Saturday we have our first production meeting for our film, A Conversation with my Father”. We will be shooting in late October.

With the excessive heat the last few days it’s been very warm in our studio. I’m having to move my sculpting into the front of our studio where we do have AC. The back bay has none. 

So if you’re waiting on your order please be patient. Our studio is getting busy again and with helping the community and our own film production things might take a little longer than usual to get made and shipped.