The latest at the Studio

Mask making, airplane building and prepping for rocket launching.

The little free flight Piper Cub building video is coming along well and so is the model.

For my birthday I bought myself this nice radio controlled PA-20 Pacer 1940’s high wing beautiful I’m slowly assembling.

We’ll have video of the launch on Friday.

AltaspaceVR and VR

I made my first world. Not finished but really cool. Find me on Altspacevr. Better than Zoom and Facebook could ever be. You are virtually there and can experience social activities again from exploring worlds and going to parties, raves, lectures, music events, teaching classes on any subject, and more. It’s the closest thing to being there.

I’m using Unity to create the worlds. The meshes I make in Lightwave and convert to FBX files that work in Unity.

Here’s a few frame grabs.

Click on the thumbs for full sized images. These are frame grabs from 2D. If you don’t have VR you can still attend in 2D on your pad, phone, laptop or desktop. But VR is better.

Although a bit sparse I’m adding new things all the time to this world. The large screen with my art piece on it wwill be a movie screen where we will run movies, videos and more for specials SNG Studio Events.

To get a free account for Altspace follow the link: It’s easy to use and you can make your own worlds with there own tools they offer. If you don’t have a headset and are wondering what one to get I recommend the Oculus Quest 2. With the Oculus Quest you don’t need an expensive high end PC or Mac. It’s stand alone and cordless.

We have one and Marry loves it. I use the higher resolution HP Reverb.

Hope to see you there. My user name is:


Masks continue

We got an order for the Sightings mask. It’s been so cold in the back it’s taking days to dry out this thick mask. I make them very thick so they will last years. Last one this same gentleman bought from me was in the 90’s and it it’s still find today.

Here’s is 30 year plus old mask from sightings.

And here’s the new one in the mold waiting to dry.

I’m hoping to pull it out of the mold today. Thanks David Albaugh for the picture and buying a new one!

The latest

Still…mask making and…

They have been keeping me busy. I will finish today and pack to ship all on Monday. 

The in-depth show for this week is coming along well, Part 2 of building the tiny dime scale Piper Cub. Yesterday I got a wing panel built and it shows you how it’s done.

Getting back to the Crater Lake Monster today and tomorrow to finish the sculpt then we mold it on video so you can see how that’s done. Next! Laser Blast!

This week at SNG

I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent the entire weekend learning how to make a 3D world in Unity 3D and transferring it to Altspace VR. 

Most of the worlds there are basic low poly social hangouts and raves but I wanted to make something a bit higher end. Realistic. It’s taken two weeks of my spare time and weekends to get it all working but yesterday at the end of the day I did and it was very rewarding after fighting for two weeks to get a world started and online at AltspaceVR.

I was standing in the middle Stonehenge taking it all in and someone popped in. They had found it already. I explained it was still under construction.  He was another techy and we talked about all the things I was going to add to the world. Then it struck me, I could build 10 Forward. The bridge of the TOS Enterprise. I already have a 3D model of the bridge I can convert and so much more.

What I have been making works with all platforms, MAC, PC, Android. Oculus, HP, Vive, Mixed reality all work with the worlds I’m making.

It’s my hope as VR catches on I’ll see more of you in there. This is clearly the future. A flat screen just isn’t an interesting way to appreciate 3D anymore.

This week we will we be doing more on the in-depth video and getting back to finishing the Crater Lake Monster kit sculpture and molds. As soon as it’s finished we will start the Laser Blast Model kit of me from the film as the alien holding my famous gun.

If anyone has a 3D printer and wants to help print the gun masters please let me know. It would save some time and you get a free kit build by me!

I’m looking forward to another great week at the studio!

Masks done 2-6-2021

Both the Salt Vampire and the Galaxy Being were finished yesterday. No matter how many times I make these I enjoy seeing them. These ship next week to their happy homes. And remember, if you ordered a mask or any other product from our stores I post daily the progress on you purchase, you can watch it being made.

All you have to do is click on the follow button on this site and you’ll receive an email every time I post. It’s simple and fun. Few companies or businesses do this.

Yesterday’s work

Yesterday’s work

You knew it would be more on the masks and so it is. I promise to get to some new builds next week. The bomb model. Notice I said model and not just the word. I worry these days that even mentioning that word might give the bots a worry. I’d never get elected to congress then. More maybe I would! LOL! 

“It’s only a model”. Also an in-depth of a peanut scale J-3 Piper Cub free flight airplane…model. 13 inch wingspan and one heck of a nice kit from Peck Polymers. You’ll see stick by stick to flight the build of this marvelous little wonder!

The masks are nearly done. Boy it takes me a long time to do 6 masks. I thought it would go faster, but all that hair. Geeze. But they are all haired up. Now I need today to go back over them all and make sure they are clean and tidy. Add the teeth that need to be painted, epoxy glaze the eyes in the Galaxy Being and the Salt Vampire and Monday they get boxed up and Pirate shipped! Don’t worry that’s the shipping company I use. And they are great!

Almost forgot. I need to add the ladies salt sucking teeth. See and you thought this was all easy! LOL!

Here’s three of the ape masks.

And the one in the paint booth:

And here’s that larger J-3 ready to fly at long last:

Almost looks like the real thing.

And remember that contest free flight kit I started? Well the contest ends in March so I better get it done. I starting to get it covered. Test flight next week.

See ya all tomorrow! Enjoy your Friday.

Going Ape!

So I’m slowly poking along with this batch of masks. One thing I have learned you can’t rush hair work if you want it to look good. In my case I want these to look close to the original make ups hair as possible in a latex masks. I got two done yesterday and I’ll get the other two and the Salt Vampire done today.

Next up will be to start the next in-depth build!

BTW are any of you on Altspacevr? I am building a SNG world there that should launch this weekend. If you don’t have VR a headset you can also attend in 2D on your desk top.

See ya tomorrow.