Recreating the “Sightings TV show masks” begins

I started the first mask I made for the 90’s TV series. These were very popular after the success of the series. Some people still have these and I have seen them on Ebay going for big Dollars. I have had emails asking to bring them back.

When wearing this mask you can see through the vacuum formed tinted eyes just like sunglasses.

I have started the rough out and trying to match to what I did all those years ago.

I’ll be refining this 1 hour so far sculpt today.

Dream of Flight

It’s a slow go me alone doing every step. Took weeks to get this little boy model suited to my needs. I had to re due all the textures to UV maps so that the Unreal Engine would read them. Everything gets done in Lightwave and then it goes to Unreal 4 Engine.

I also built the Sky Bunny free flight airplane. Bill Warner the designer of this amazing little plane passed last month. We of the free flight and the proud and great, Flying Aces Club” community have been honoring him. There’s even a contest this Labor day weekend to see who can fly this little plane the longest. 2 minutes or there about at best on rubber power alone. Longer if one catches a thermal.

So the models of the boy and the plane are done and tested. Next weekend I hope to animate them both in Unreal Engine 4.

Old masks recreated?

I have been asked lately to brings these back if there’s and interest. I have permission and the rights from my long time friend Whitley Strieber to produce the famous Communion being. I’m thinking I will make a full scale bust in latex rather than a wearable mask as most collectors prefer busts. The first picture shows the full size bust I did back in the 90’s. However the Sightings mask would be wearable mask with tinted transparent eyes.

Here’s the old masks I made for the TV show “Sightings” I made all the masks and alien props for.