Episode two of “But Something is There”?

I wrote the next script in 2018 and it has been sitting unread, un-produced for quite some time now. I read the script recently and found it better than I had remembered. As strange as it may seem to some of you so is the Universe. Whether real, imaginary, or dreams, I experienced them. They were real to me. And this experience is shared by the silent witnesses out there.

I’ve never said I know what this all means or who these mysterious visitors are or come from. To be honest, I just don’t know. Only that it is there. After reading the script I knew I had to make this happen some how some way.

While working in Unreal Engine 4 https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/ creating a virtual world talked about in the episode script it struck me I could make the film animated in Unreal Engine. It is literally a studio in a box.

It’s a reality today to create anything with this powerful tool freeing the film maker from location shooting, crews, camera, sound equipment and budgets that have made so far making this second film impossible. It’s like painting a movie. The most incredible canvas for an artist ever conceived.

It will take some time to do alone. It’s my hope to have help from someone out there. The film isn’t being made to sell, or put on the market. I just want to create art on film and share as I did with the first episode.

Soon maybe this weekend I’ll have a test short up that takes you through the park that I have visited in my dreams many times. Small steps to large beginnings.

Here’s the script. It needs several more edits to fix the typos and other errors but the content and my experience are there.

If this is something that you have a passion for and would like to contribute to, I will need help with everything from texturing, creating materials, mesh making to motion capture files and more. Please contact me if interested.

I’ll post updates as always. Thanks for ready.


6-17-2020 the latest

The studio and I have remained busy during this very real pandemic. Our doors will remain closed to the public and all visitors for a long time to come. But Mary and I continue to work and stay busy with projects.

Recently I just finished this original mask design for a mask company that wanted original Steve Neill designs for their mask line. They call it the Shadow Demon after a movie monster I made years ago for a Roger Corman movie “Galaxy of Terror”.

Currently I’m working on a recreation mask of the famous Out Limits alien the Ebonite.

In addition I am creating a model kit of the now famous and successful Falcon 9 and capsule.

To see more of of our work at our Studio visit our Patreon site: https://www.patreon.com/SteveNeill

Slot car track art

So I spent a better part of the day yesterday painting track figures from the 60’s I found on eBay. I like these better than the over priced 3D printed ones I have seen. Being that they are hand sculpted by real artists gives them soul. I have many more to paint a place on the track but the track is getting a life to it slowly.

Most of the cars here are all hand built from kits, some kit bashed and one scratch built as are all the buildings. The diner is still under construction.

SNG raceway lives.

Update on Masks 4-11-2020

We finally received our boxes so we can start shipping masks on Monday. Everything has been slow because of the virus including shipping. We appreciate your patience. The Werewolf of London has been shipped.

The Galaxy Being is now available and we are offering an Eye Of the Beholder mask. Please visit the mask store for more details.

We will be starting new sculptures next week as always. The latest SNG show is posted on our Patreon page where you can watch it for free and see many behind the scenes moments. https://www.patreon.com/SteveNeill

New stuff at the Studio 3-10-2020

Lots going on at the studio. The masks are selling and our latest mask, “The Galaxy Being” was poured yesterday and gets pulled from the mold today for painting.

Chameleon masks are painted and ready to ship. Thank you for your orders!

In addition John O’leary sculpted this Eye of the Beholder prosthetic when he interned at our studio. I’m making up latex copies that you can wear as a makeup or collect as a display piece. I painting it today and will post in the Mask Collectors store.

Thanks for all the subscribers and support! Wow you guys are great. Be sure to visit our Patreon page where full stories, pictures and videos are posted of our daily work!