Never a dull or boring day

All the many rocket kits were shipped yesterday and I also made a new improved base for the Star Destroyer. Today it officially finishes and ships tomorrow.

For the first time in a few months I have a clean slate. It won’t last long because orders always come in waves. 
However I will have a bit of time to finish the molds for the slot car bodies and to start developing a few more new items for sale at long last.

You might notice that PT boat hull off frame. That is a build I’m about to start two and it will be radio controlled!

I was fortunate enough to find one of these kits in a thrift shop for 14 dollars. On Ebay they are around 250 or more. Lucky me!

I have a new script to start writing too for the next short film this year. I plan two films this year.
So much to do, so much ahead. Life is joyful when you have purpose and you’re a maker. Never is there a dull or boring day and excitement runs through me each morning I wake up. 

Monday’s work 1-11-2022

  It was great to have the routine Monday back again after weeks of holiday stuff and grandchildren. I was able to just put my nose to the grindstone and have at it. I have never been so behind on my orders and it was uncomfortable for me at best. Hand making 6 rocket kits is a lot of work. You guys have literally worn out my silicone molds and I have to make all new molds off the masters I still have. This caused me more work because I don’t like sending out resin parts with defects and bubbles. 

Although most garage kits do have such deffects you get pre-primered parts this time because I fixed many of the flaws. Usually my parts come out clean from the molds, that is until the molds start to go!

I struggled with the base I made for the Star Destroyer. I had a problem with the tung oil and the extreme cold conditions in the shop. I was unhappy with the results.
Last night I got a new pre-made base and will stain and coating it with a bit of triple glaze Krylon. It’s time to ship this beautiful model to its rightful owner!
Today I have a new car inbound. This one is a 1/10 scale Ford GT 40 MK II. It’s a big beast of a car.

 After going to the track last weekend and meeting the folks there I had a lot of questions they answered which helped me determine what would be the best first car to race with them in the touring class they frequent. 

I look forward to building this car and getting it race-ready. I ordered a lot of aftermarket upgrades so it’s going to be a fascinating build. Since I will no longer be slot car racing (which is indoors) the outdoor RC racing is really going to help. It’s outdoors and a lot safer. 
Slot car racing  you’re inside standing side by side and handling controllers that were just handled by someone else. No one is wearing masks or hand sanitizing the controllers. Food is being handled by everyone without regard. Social distancing is non-existent.
I have observed recently that the clubs seem to be ignoring that we have a very dangerous pandemic and have continued on with the races. This is something I cannot be part of. I’m using my common sense to protect myself, my family, and my friends.

I’ll show you the building of this car and the VW Bug I have. It’s different and amazing. Tomorrow we are back to the T51 Cooper build. Also some track decorations and soon that next Star Trek Mask many of you have asked for. And some surprises up ahead!

The Track that is forever changing

Working on a track that you have little access to on the opposite side is hard. Especially at age 69. Although I work out and have a strict health routine, leaning on tables and footstools to stretch over 4.5 feet is difficult. Nevertheless over 3 days of an hour here and an hour there, I got it running smoothly, and made some of my own borders.
I really like it. If the track was stretched out it would be over 20 ft. long. 41 feet in total length of track and it feels like it.
Now the hard job of re-landscaping begins. Als bit by bit. 😉
BTW. I love the hairpin! Drifting is fun!

BTW the kids are back home and we are heading to the studio for our regular routine of making monsters and toys for you to enjoy! Thanks for the wait!

Back to normal?

As the saying goes “Normal people scare me!”. But of sorts we will be back to the studio today and from here on out regularly as the Grandchildren are going home early this morning. There was a change in plans as it turns out. I’ll be able to do some shipping today and tomorrow.

All the resin parts are cast for the rocket kits as of yesterday’s brief stop at the studio. Today I cut all the wood parts!