Back to normal at the studio?

I really ask myself and always have, “What is normal?”. It is in fact a perspective on reality based on the individuals analysis based on input from the 5 senses. Ah you ask, “What is the 5th sense?” You may ask. 😉

For me normal changes all the time. I have reinvented myself a million times. My interests are so vast and wide one could never be bored. There are at least 6 projects going on simultaneously. But I digress.

Yesterday I painted yet another Chameleon mask for a customer.

And started that Crater Lake Monster sculpture. Although in the very rough stages I made the base and armature to sculpt the head and neck of the monster which was my very first job I ever did in the movie industry.

Rick Baker gave me the job to build this head for William Stromberg back in 1976 as I recall. It lead to my friendship with David Allen. David and I would work for many years after on many films. I introduced him to Charlie Band.

I thought I should start a series of sculptures of creatures and things I did for my career and offer them in the store. The Crater Lake monster had to be the first.

Here is it’s beginning.

This sculpture will be a kit. Cast in two part resin with a clear blue resin water base. About 10 inches tall.This is about a half hour of work and then the day came to a close. I’ll be working most of the day today on this and the first in a series of Planet of the Apes masks. I did work on the Planet of the Apes TV show. Although briefly after I first came to LA this pre-dates the Crater Lake Monster and it counts. 😉

The sculpture is rough and not finished. When finished it will be wearable and have hair and teeth.

The latest tour of the Studio

Here’s the latest short video. I’m doing in-depth videos of kit builds again along with scratch builds and sculpting creatures but they can only be viewed by subscribers on my Patreon Page for a 1 dollar and month and up. The studio is getting less client and customer(do to the pandemic) work these days which is why I’m making masks, and soon resin kits of things I did during my career. The Patreon helps too to keep my doors open which have been open for 8 years now. That doesn’t include the old garage in Northridge. 😉

Enjoy and visit the site.

Invaders TV series saucer build

Not finished yet but almost there. This series was created in the 60’s by my old friend now passed Larry Cohen. Larry and I were working on developing a movie of the show before he passed away.

I first had this very kit when it was released in the 60’s. Recently re-released I used upgrades from and to make it just like the studio model.

A 4 part video series has been made on the making of this model that can be viewed on my Patreon page starting next week. Please visit the free page and for subscriber content you must be a scriber. Learn about my long career. Hear amazing stories and watch me do my art, models, creatures and more there in great detail.

Iron Giant Finished!

After nearly 4 years he is finished and on display in our gallery at our studio. It took this long because I could only work on him during my spare time. Finally I had enough and made the pledge I wouldn’t do anything else until he was finished. It took about three weeks to finish him off.

Hogarth will be added later next year.