Next mask?

I made a life mask of Chris Lee in 1977. I plan to clay press it and make a series of Chris Lee masks. I’m starting with this first one to see how well they sell.

So far the masks that sell the most on my site are the classic Henry Hull “Werewolf of London”.

Doing a clay press means it will be his actual face from my life mask made all those years ago. I will sculpt the eyes and mouth open and give him the expression, blood shot eyes and teeth. I’m looking forward to this one and maybe the Mummy and Frankenstein monsters he also played.

Filling orders and miniature motors

Just as I finished this order I got another order for the Werewolf, a Seemore, and a Moon Watcher mask. I am so grateful and SNG Studio just lives on thanks to all of you.

Here’s the latest version of Henry Hull. I make these up to request in style and look.

I received from Mike Sitkin of the Famous Kit Kraft in Studio City one of these Gasaprin CO2 motors. Long out of production and holding the Guinness Book of World records for the smallest model motor I managed to get one. Now to build a very small free flight plane around it. I had no idea they were so small. This thing is amazing! If your interested in getting one of these motors he has 4 more. When they’re gone they’re gone.

In case you did know you can click on these small images for a full sized image and see greater detail.

Space flight and Evolution

And one more thing about the importance of human space flight. I long ago realized that there are triggers in to our DNA that affect change in how we think, this begins a new evolution to our species that can’t be done until our DNA detects that we have entered space.

When humans reach space, feel freefall, and see the Earth from the perspective of space, the switch turns on and they are never the same again. We will evolve out of wars, greed, and useless pursuits of self destruction.

Just watch what happens to the people take those commercial space flights and how they change. Commercial space is important for that reason alone.

I have this t-shirt and love it.

Werewolf’s and classic sports cars

Filling yet and other order! Thank you for ordering! this gets painted today and a new batch of crape hair in on the way. I ran out you guys have ordered so many of these.

My restored all stock vintage Nissan 300 zx is being driven again. I have had some minor mechanical repairs done to this car by my dear friend and mechanic extraordinaire Manny Rodriquez at Radical Autosport. This car runs like it’s still new. I remember in 1985 many of my friends were buying these with all the money they made in makeup effects. It’s a trip down memory lane to drive this today. They have vanished from the roads they once populated. Some were over modified and have lost their value.

The license plate frame says it all. Build a Bridge to the Stars. Made for me by my late wife Gillian. When they did the restoration I had them keep that frame to reinstall.

This weekend the slot car races begin once more in a year and a half with the Farrout Slot Car Group. This is the car I take there to be with a bunch of gearheads for 2 hours of racing on amazing big tracks monthly.

Shipping and sculpting

Shipped another Werewolf mask yesterday and then got another order for one the same day. This guy is popular. He was our least selling mask for years and now he’s the hottish. You guys have good taste in history and movies! Thank you!

I finally have the time to work on the Laser Blast sculpt. Making a figure of myself when I was 26 years old is a trip. I was so darn thin then and wrinkle free. Had a lot of hair too. Still I wouldn’t trade for where I am now. I treasure my experience and wisdom.

This isn’t easy or something I can do quickly with this super hard clay. It’s slow tweaking but at the rate I’m going I should finish it in a few days.

The film continues to progress well. It’s 6 am and I’m heading to the edit bay to do more shots.


I thought I’d post a picture of the latest lighter skinned and salt and pepper haired Henry Hull Werewolf of London. This was requested by the customer. I finished this Friday too late to go out in the mail. It will ship Monday.

Meanwhile work continues on the film. I have managed to completely edit the entire timeline. I only have a few more composites today to do and it’s ready for sound mix. It is hard work but so rewarding. There’s nothing like film making.

Being able to watch Robb Wolford and Steve Altman perform in character on the screen feels like a real conversation. They are both excellent actors and have brought a realism to this film that I so greatly appreciate.

Mask update 7-9-2021

I always post my progress on this site so customers can see their mask being made up. As far as I know I’m the only mask maker that does this and it’s fun and informative for the customer. Everything from the casting to the final paint and hair work is done by myself.

Today I’ll lay the hair on this mask. Yesterday was prep to paint, paint, teeth, eyes and glazing.

Work continues day and night on the post production of our film. It is going well and I should have a finished trailer out soon.