Thursday work-3-23-2023

Yesterday I went shopping at the hobby store for Balsa wood and supplies. When I got back I poured many of the needed parts for my rocket orders and worked on the Battlestar Galactica. A very full day.

I just received all of the remaining orders I had out there for rocket parts so I’m now able to fill all the orders at the beginning of next week.

The Battlestar is getting all of her lights. I have been drilling holes, cutting fiber optics and placing the many fibers in their correct locations.


Yesterday I pulled the Saltvampire from the mold with excellent results. I’ll be able to paint and hair this mask next week.

I also cast many parts for my rocket orders. It was freezing again in the VAB (that’s the Vehicle Assembly Building) so things are moving slowly but moving along non the less. 

The weather has been amazing to say the least. Lots of hail, rain, wind, and tornados.

And I got to light block and paint the hull parts for the TOS Battlestar Galactica.

Yesterday 3-22-2023

This mask is ready to ship today. It now has its eye glazed and mouth for the wet look. It’s signed and about to go in a box to be shipped.

The rest of the day was spent shopping for supplies which always seem to eat up the day. 

Editing on our new film is coming along well and I’m about to release the rough cut privately to the crew.

Today I’m pouring lots of resin and working on the Battlestar.

Yesterday-mask painting and stuff 3-21-2023

Monday was a day of organization and mask pouring. I also painted the Cyclops. He gets a glaze of the eyes and mouth today and off he goes to his owner.

I poured the Salt Vampire which should come out of the mold today.

Today is a day of casting many, many rocket kit parts. So I’ll be pouring nose cones, boat tails, fins, and more. These orders will take up the next few days before I can get back to the Battle Star although I should be able to light block and paint the whole parts this week.

The latest 3-20-2023

Happy Spring and may it bring forward new life, growth and much needed love to our lives. Warmer temperatures would be welcome too.

Last week was busy as usual but Friday we were at Point Mugu Airshow setup day with our Civil Air Patrol Squadron and got to watch the pre-show with only the 8 graders and their teachers. It was light traffic and it felt as if we had the whole place to ourselves. We were very fortunate.

Saturday I was at the Farrout Slot Car Club setup day for a race we have coming up in two weeks. If you ever wondered what happened to slot car racing this video will show you. Many believed the hobby was dead. It is bigger than ever.

This week I’ll be filling orders for masks and rocket kits. Thank you very much for your orders, support, and subscriptions to this website.

Tuesday at the Studio-3-14-2023

I managed to get the paint booth working again by using a large power supply. The power supply that comes with these spray booths is underrated amp wise and thus the problem of them burning out overtime. The motor and lights are fine. This power supply gives it the amps it needs and all is fine.

Warming up the parts in the oven and the paint I find works. So I can now get back to the Battlestar this way because the rain just keeps coming and the cold is still on. Scientists are telling us this is the new norm. My own personal research has verified this.

I had a short day yesterday but got the Redstone test rocket ready to fly for the next launch. I’ll be releasing this kit soon.

Shown here are the few things you actually have to build such as the escape tower from wood doweling. This tower is very strong.

The rocket is light to say the least and should put on a great show on a D-E motor.

The Cyclops mask is ready to patch and ready to paint now that it has dried enough. It took some time in this weather.

Thanks for all the orders this week. I very much appreciate your support. Despite the price increases to my masks they are selling. Thanks for understanding the nature of the beast.

Monday, Monday…3-14-2023

Monday was a busy day of organizing, shopping, and opening molds. I got the cyclops out of the mold and I’m running another this morning.

Raw rubber mask fresh out of the mold.

Mercury Redstone molds. Capsule fins, escape tower tank, and engine bells.

We have more heavy rain today making it impossible to paint models well. It’s the middle of March now, almost spring and we still have this non-stop rain. The temperatures are warming though so we are hopeful the warmer dryer conditions will be with us soon.

I did have a little time at the end of the day to work on the new Mercury Redstone kit. The prototype is coming along well. No painting here the body tube as paper wraps on it with 3m 77 making the paint job accurate and a bit easier to do.

Engine mount is in, shock cord, and the fins will be placed on today. That leaves the escape tower to do. It will be made of hardwood doweling which will be quite durable and stronger than plastic.

This rocket will fly April 8th. The rocket will finish this week. So I’m hoping for better weather next week to finish the Battlestar. Once that’s built I have an EVA pod to build from 2001: a space odyssey.

Mask will get trimmed today and made ready to paint. With mask paints there’s no problem with the paint. It is non toxic and water soluble. You can dry it with a hair dryer if necessary.   

Yesterday…an interesting day 3-9-2023

Yesterday I spent some serious rather difficult time at the dentist office but returned to the studio to put in some time as best I could. None the less I finished off the first large V-2 prototype which launches this Saturday morning. 

And Ken Kerbal arrived last night in the mail! What a great little figure from a great program, The Kerbal Space Program. Rocketeers and aerospace folks love this program. He will be our SNG Aerospace mascot at our launches and more.

It will take me a few days to feel better but I’ll be pouring rubber and working on Battlestar today as long as I can. As they say, “Life happens”.