VR experiences are next

As some of you know I have been working in Unity and mixed reality VR. I use both Vive and Dell headsets.

Currently I’m creating “The Park” which is based on my short stories: https://shortstoriesbysteveneill.home.blog/

Many people use this software to create game worlds. I just want to create worlds where one can go and experience a different reality. One of peace, wonder and exploration. Or just a place you can go to, sit in an open field of grass at night and listen to the night sounds and watch the millions of star over head. Something you can’t do in city life and a busy stressful day.

We tend to lose sight of who we are and where we are in the Universe.

So art takes many forms with my personal art and this is another. If you have Vive soon you will be able to download the files from here and experience them.

Old art

Digital counts although actual painting I prefer. This is the Sanger Bomber. Designed to carry a A bomb back in WW2 it thankfully never saw completion before the war ended or things would be different now.

I made this model in Lightwave for a trailer for a movie project I wanted to make called “Ghost Squadron”.

Here’s the old trailer. Dated but still interesting.

Scale model development

Working on the SpaceX Starship for both actual flying model and for static. I will need larger clear plastic fins for stability that will be removable for display. Many parts will be mastered and molded for scale accuracy. Just starting this design in Openrocket. A rocket designing program. Model will be about 44 inches in length with a 4 inch diameter. She will also be a two stage with and electronic timer for the second stage ignition.

Aviation Art

This isn’t finished yet but I thought I’d share it at this point to show I’m actually working on a whole new set of paintings. This is my personal “Bigdaddy” rocket. It’s made by Estes Rockets. I decided to paint my actual model rocket in the color scheme I created for it 10 years ago.

I thought it would be fun to put the rockets in space. With all the computers and digital capabilities I have there’s nothing better than a painted vision from ones imagination on canvas.

I am planning many more. the next one will be of the X-15.

2001: a space odyssey

Is my favorite movie of all time. It influenced my career path and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about it.

I plan more projects related to it. Recently I have made the Starchild, Moon Watcher and of course the huge Space Station model for the Museum of Modern Art in my hometown San Francisco. Not to mention my friend Adam Savage’s same obsession with the film that lead him to getting both a Moonwatcher and a Starchild from me.

2001 stands alone as the best Sci-Fi film ever made. Nothing compared and can’t because it’s in it’s own category from the genius of Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C Clarke.

Newer Space Art

I did this a while ago and at that time had meant to start a series of space art and aerospace paintings.

I’m also in the process of doing some some spacecraft models. Gemini, Mercury Redstone and some really cool Von Braun concept designs Wernher did in the 50’s. In particular the Space Ferry he designed the year I was born.

I plan to do a painting of that and an actual model from scratch that will also fly under rocket power. Something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid.

I already started designing the model in a program called Open Rocket. This program allows one to not only design the rocket but test it in simulation before you build it. It helps predict the physics of the model, the CG, COP, and more.

Being designed in the building program
The program actually enables you to see your bird in flight from all angles and types of backgrounds.

Art and science mixed together is making at it’s best for me.

A new look is coming

The next art show and line of work is going to be space art. I was born in 1952. Wernher Von Braun just designed the famous Space Ferry Rocket. He created a future I have always been part of and rockets to space were always my first love.

The alien art will remain but be put on a separate page soon you’ll be able to access from the menu. Remember this is not a blog but a website.

More about all this soon.