New art for the art show

I’m starting to upload the art from the show here:

Remember this is a web page not a blog. Many of you have not been able to find some of the art if it’s not on the main page. Please look at the top of the home page and every page the white writing at top is the menu. Click on the different pages to go there.

Prices and names to the pieces will be added later. All the art from the show is for sale.

8-17-19 Review of the “Extraordinary: The Seeding”

It started rather typically (I don’t know how else you would) but as the show moved along it became apparent it wasn’t by any means, typical. The interviews were candid and not over lay by tacky reenactments and skeptical overlays. In fact there were no skeptics at all. It cried out, “this is real”, whatever it is there is substance to it and it greatly affects people lives.

Without a doubt everyone that thinks I’m crazy or delusional never has or will ever take the time, even a little to look into the piles of evidence and data supporting these people’s claims. They never do and yet they pass judgment.

This film speaks of this and Malinda Leslie really drove it home. All these years later she really has learned to articulate and express this experience and it’s reality to people that just might listen. Please listen. Don’t recoil at the sound of “Alien Abduction”.

You can come out of the closet for just about anything. Our society-culture will forgive you, understand and praise you for your strength. But if you try to speak honestly about this subject they look at you harshly and back away.

Some of the music at the beginning was a bit hard for me but later on it just became an ambience and worked well and was subtle.

Yvonne Smith was great and so was Richard Dolan. In fact you were all good and brave for coming forward.

I loved the ending and the end credits with the candid off camera laughs and smiles from the interviewees. It showed that they are real people.  I loved Richard Dolan looking directly at camera and talking to us directly. Most big media groups would have cut that out, the way he just stops in mid interview and asks if he can talk directly to us, candid, very candid.

This show was made for experiencers by experiencers and this has never been done before that I know of.

I liked the comment about the noise. And how if one sifts through it you’ll find the frequency. Fantastic! This film addresses well the charlatans that so much attract the eye of the media and the public causing great harm to people that actually have this experience. And the film calls it; “they do so to make money.” And this is typical at the conventions where a legitimate experiencer has maybe 10 people in their workshop while the guy that went to Venus, or has the popular show on History Channel has their room filled to capacity. It’s all about money, entertainment and never the truth. Truth never sells.

A&E tried with “Alien Intent”. The first cut was excellent and Whitley and I were very happy. Then the powers got hold of it and cut it down to a 30 minute show and removed all the fat and added over the top drama, loud music stings, skeptics which ruined it and disappointed everyone involved. Same with the NBC Confirmation 2 hours special I also worked on. We were deceived.

But The Seeding gave this subject the respect it deserves and I appreciate and respect the filmmakers for doing so.

The way the camera stayed on the subjects during their emotional moments, their candor, and hearing the raw un-microphone interviewer in the BKG was very nice touch that made the whole thing more personable.

We are not trying to indoctrinate anyone or make them part of a cult or religion, we are just asking they look a little closer to see and understand that whatever this is it’s there, its shared, and it’s real. That’s all. This film makes this clear. There is no deception from us. The deception has always been from our government and the media. Not just with this subject but with all subjects and they are currently doing it more than ever.

I want to thank Lori Wagner and the filmmakers the chance to see this film before it was released publicly.

It’s my hope that this will inspire others in media to take a close and harder look at this experience. To dare to tell the truth the way “Extraordinary: The Seeding” has done.

Early work found again

Michael Rutherford sent me some pictures of a resin cast sculpture from my past endeavors with my old company “Dreamland Effects”. Yes I know you’ve heard it before but this was back in 89 when I started making art and sculpture.

He found the resin cast sculpture of the grey I did in 92. It was on Ebay and when I saw it it took me back. I made a few quite a few of them and sold them around the world. I was glad to see one turn up.

I found this picture in my stash from a time when I was making up a bunch for customers. I had them all lined up and thought it would make a great picture. I used my old Nikon SLR and real film and this is what I got.

I saw this picture on the net sometime ago where the person that posted tried to say it was an actual government leaked photo of an actual grey. Of course I called the author on it and was told to mind my own business.

I wonder what else is out there? One collector out there owns all the artwork I ever did on the subject from the early period but I haven’t heard from her in awhile and have no idea where the collection ended up.

As more turns up I’ll post it here of course.

Sneak Peek – Art Show

The art show is getting ever closer for us as we finish up the work for it. I know many of you won’t be able to make it to Ventura so until that date of the 24th of August I thought I’d show a few sneaks. On the 24th all the art will be displayed on the site for all to see.

18 paintings, 5 sculptures, one is a full scale gray. Another a Travis Walton being. A large owl with enlarged black eyes and a few more surprises.

Tonight I’ll post a few frame grabs from my Virtual Reality experience. Eventually I will load the file to this site for those of you that have any VR headset from Vive to Oculus.

I’m also in the process of creating experiences and a short film series made all digital that brings to life these experiences based on my own experience and that of others. Years ago I started a series called “Fantasia Grey” that would be animated imagery from experiences put to music. When my late wife became ill it was put on hold until now. That was over a decade ago and the technology we have now at the studio from motion capture to the latest 3D animation software will make producing such an project more expedient and spontaneous. The old trailer is on this site for you to view.

I welcome all the new subscribers here and so much appreciate your emails and stories.

Most of the pieces are large but these are a series of 8×10’s I’m doing. 6 in total.

Mary putting the varnish coating on one of my latest. If you put your thumb over the eyes you getting the opening image from 2001: a space odyssey. 🙂

This is from inside my office at the studio. The ape is actually an australopithecus better known as “Moonwatcher” from the greatest film ever about the Visitors called : “2001: a space odyssey.” This is a replica I made along with the Starchild. The film had a huge effect on my life and started my career in film effects and film making. Our studio website is here: if you want to see the end result of that”effect.”

You can see the Travis Walton being, Communion Bust, and the Men in Black mask used in “But Something is there” . Some of the many things you will see at the studio when you come to the Art Show.

Here’s one of three copies from my molds of the Starchild replica with Adam Savage. Mine will be on display at the show and is a replica I sculpted to size of the original from the movie.

Hope to see some if you there. Whitley and Yvonne will be in attendance.