Mac Progress 12-1-2022

2 hours and I got this including making up the dummy glasses and teeth. I need to have all this to be sure I was getting it right. 

As you can see without the glasses and teeth it’s a neat roughed out Moon man but it doesn’t look like Mac. Put the glasses on and the teeth and he’s there.

There is a part 2 video rendering now where you can watch me rough the sculpture out. Over the next few days I’ll refine it and make a mold next week.

Quiet weekend 11-28-2022

It was a quiet weekend at home although I did drive the Fiat a bunch. Yesterday I took her to our flying field. Who says you can’t get a few planes and a bunch of equipment in a sports car? I did.

I flew my P-51 Mustang and Luscombe. That Pony really rips up the sky. Such a smooth plane to fly.

Once I got home I worked some more on the slot car track and drove some of my favorite cars. The two open wheel cars are both Coopers. The T-73 and the T-51 both scratch builds of my own.

The Dan Gurney Lola T-70 was a special addition Revell-Monogram car that came in a special box I have had for 12 years now. Recently the rear tires rotted away and I replaced them with good tires and this car runs like a champ.

Over 4 weeks later after covid and I’m feeling much better. I’d be deader than a doornail if I had got all my vaccinations and boosters. I wish some people I once knew had done the same.