A reply to Michael

I made this reply to Michael this morning and thought I should share it with all of you because it’s important. 
When I was one the phone with Whitley a few years ago and saw the big black triangle craft silently fly over me I got a message. It’s in my film, “But Something is There”. “There’s still hope, don’t give up”.
With all the doom and gloom we must remember that ascension to the stars isn’t easy. It’s hard.

Michael, if you have seen the film Interstellar I know we are heading there. We will make it to the stars and when we look back we’ll realize what a long hard road it was to them. 

But we’ll make it and we’ll tell our children to never repeat what we did before. Each time a human being goes into space a trigger sets off. A switch if you will that changes them forever.
If you pay attention to the people that have gone before and are going now then you’ll notice once they return that their life’s ambitions will change dramatically.Their energies will be poured into saving us this planet and spreading the word of doing so to the world.

We  must go against the stupidity, greed, and rage of the low mentality or lose it all. Because they have caused every single problem we have faced on Earth. They failed to look at the stars. We did not. And we matter.

As I watch

Since my earliest memory during the 60’s we have been warning the people that could have avoided the terrible climate disaster we are now facing. They did nothing. They didn’t listen. They even laughed at us. Called us names and labeled us environmental terrorists. We were Terrorists against their capacity for greed that was so extensive it has now reached a point of no return.
Now the run scared like little rats. They are trying to put out the fire they started but it’s too late. Our children are about to inherit a world of our making. One I for one wouldn’t want to survive in.
Droughts, fires, extreme heat, and cold, hurricanes so large they nearly cover entire states, coastal cities and communities vanishing slowly under the waves and more.
We feel powerless because we are. We warned and warned. It was all we could do. The scientist did too. Great thinkers around the world warned. But greed won out and here we are.
This climate crisis is growing at an exponential rate. All you can do now is live in the moment and hug your loved ones and play while you still can.
You were warned but you didn’t listen. That’s the log line of our new film due to be released soon. When we started it back a few months ago things were as bad as they have become today. It is my last breath on this subject. I will never talk about it again. It’s just pointless.
The space program is our only hope now. Just like in the film “Interstellar” we need to keep this torch lit and look for other worlds. We have a right to survive because we choose to. Because we still can. We need that life boat so we can find a new world to live on. And we must learn from our past mistakes and never repeat them again.
Theres still hope, don’t give up.

Back to the races this weekend

Looking forward to racing this Saturday with the FarrOut slot car club. This was the first and last time I got to race with my club and then Covid happened.

This is a great hobby. You can be very creative and build this miniature world and race with your friends in it. Wonderful. It brings alive such fond memories of racing with my dad back in the 60’s. It all came to an end for me with his passing in 1965 in a car accident. But the love for it never left me.

It wouldn’t be until 2012 that I looked on the internet to see if the hobby was still alive. Boy was it. And going stronger than ever. I bought my first track in 2012. I ordered a few cars and extra track. I remember when it arrived I was so excited. My inner child was jumping with joy.

It was just the distraction I needed as I built a large track. My late wife was passing and it was the second time in my life that I faced some of my hardest times. I worked tirelessly to make her comfortable in her last days. Every chance I got I went to the garage to work on the track. It kept me on the straight and narrow.

After Gilly passed I just kept it up this time, never looked back and kept with the hobby. I feel my dad right there whenever I play on the track. Gilly never got to see the track although she knew about it. But she would have loved it.

I swear these hobbies, which are also passions, allow for longevity and purpose. I have seen it over and over again. I play with people in their 80’s that haven’t missed a beat, still build, and Fly, Sail, Slot, Plastic model build, and more. They are life savers and very essential.

Mask are finished! 9-18-2021

  Letting the epoxy and paint cure over the weekend and out they go Monday. Thank you all for your orders and for the wait. It takes me time to get these made since I’m the only one making them. Everything is done by hand from the sculpture to the molds and casting. Prepping, and painting. The eyes are epoxy glazed on the Galaxy Being.  

Masks nearly finished

  Last batch of rubber was problematic to say the least. It was bubble prone and took days to dry out. Recently I got the rubber from Burmans I normally use and it made quite a difference. Due to the pandemic made it difficult to get and they were out of it for quite a time. This made me get it from a different source.

So it’s taken me a while to patch and repair these masks. Today I’ll finish the eyes one the Galaxy Being and glaze them.

Everything ships on Monday. I want them to thoroughly dry over the weekend before I box them up.
I worked a bit more on the pit box. I really like this better than some big wooden box like we used to use in the 60’s.

Filling mask orders

By the time we got to the studio yesterday late I still had time to pour a Galaxy being which will come out of the mold today.

I found a lot of bubbles in the Sixth Finger mask on close inspection. I spent a good part of the day removing and filling those bubbles with cabopatch. Also removed and filled the seam line. Removed the eyes and dremel tooled the edges smooth. He’s now ready to paint today.

I also prepped and painted the Eye of the Beholder mask. I’m using a new paint from the Burman’s, Createx. Great stuff for painting masks. Flows well out of an airbrush, sticks well to rubber, and it’s easy to clean up.

Lastly we took a trip to Harbor Freight and I got a new pit box for the slot cars. I have to look sharp as we are back to racing with the FarrOut Slot Car Club. We have a very active group!

Today I’ll mod it to suit my needs but the club recommended these to use.

Back to it

After being out of town for 4 days visiting family abroad we are back to work and ready for action. We stopped along the way at Burman Industries to pick up some much needed supplies.

Getting this stuff shipped from LA to Ventura costs hundreds of dollars so we have to take that long drive and pick it up.

After having such a great sub run last Saturday I’m eager to finish this type 23 German U-boat. 
Lots of mask orders to fill this week. Looking forward to it!