More progress on Mac and back to the Pony 1-27-2023

After nearly finishing the Mac Tonight mold I actually had some time to work on the Mustang. I started the hard process of covering the plane with monokote. The tail section is the most difficult because of the way they have you assemble the tail you can’t cover the pieces first before assembly. Once I get past the tail it should be easier. 

I also made mounts to screw down the canopy for removal. Eventually I’ll make some cockpit details for the plane. I’m not going all out because this is a sport scale plane to be flown, not to enter contests.

The Mac Tonight mold has the second side of the silicone poured and cured. Today I will mother mold the second half with more epoxy fiberglass and the mold is finished.

Monday I’ll open the mold and clean it out. Tuesday I’ll cast the first one. 

I also managed to make the sunglasses molds so Monday I’ll be able to cast up the parts. Sand them smooth and vacuum form a set of sunglasses.

Part 4 of making this bust and how the mold was made will be posted this weekend.

Work at the studio and new projects 1-26-2023

I got this model kit in the mail yesterday from an old friend, supporter, and customer. He has asked me to do the build for him. It’s been awhile since I have been asked to build a model for anyone. Usually my price to build is too high for most when there are so many amature modelers doing it for pennies on the dollar these days.

I’ll be doing the usual build log of this model of the TOS Battlestar Galactica. 

I was given this Guillows F4U Corsair by Dave of Smith Brothers a while ago where it sat under my bench until more recently when I got it out and started picking at it in moments of down time. Much of the fuselage and center wing had been built and built well. However over the many years of storage by the previous owners it had suffered many blows and the parts were broken and some missing.

Because Guillows kit plans are so comprehensive in showing all the parts on the plans I was able to fabricate new parts and put the fuse and center section back to good condition.

This plane will have a 30 inch span and will be powered by an electric motor. It will be radio controlled. I’ve always loved the bent wing Corsair. A true legend among the fighter planes of WW2 and Korea. “Devotion”, a great movie, had a lot to do with motivating me to get back to this project.

Meanwhile the work on the Mac Tonight mold continues and by Friday it will be done and I’ll be able to make part 4 in the series of videos that shows you how I made the mold.

Mac Tonight Bust update 1-25-2023

I started the hardest part of the mold making process for the Mac Tonight sculpture yesterday. Laying up the clay walls to separate the eventual two halves of the mold. Then laying up the silicone rubber. Today I’ll be making the epoxy fiberglass mother mold. That will sit for a day to set up and tomorrow I’ll do the back halve with more silicone and another epoxy fiberglass mother mold.

I should finish the mold by Friday and Monday it will get opened and the first resin casting of the Mac bust made.

Star Trek Sirius Finished 1-20-2023

BTW. Last night I finished, “Star Trek Sirius”. After 12 years it was very sobbering.

I’m shooting a video interview with myself this weekend that explains the whole story on this film and the history. It will be part of the upload so those new to this Star Trek film will understand what I went through to make it.

It is deadicated to my late with Gilly Neill who wrote the script and is the voice of the ships computer.

Thanks to my dear friend Paul Gentry for shooting this film and providing the equipment to do it.

Als Justin Heard who plays the Romulian commander and Doug Drexler for playing Captain Drexler of the USS Drexler.

Also Chris Martin for the wonderful Enterprise CGI model.

Somewhere out there is the guy that did all the bridge graphics animations. Can’t find your name. It’s been a long time since I made this film will you please report in. I’m doing the end credits over the weekend. And that goes for anyone else that helped I may be over looking.

Star Trek Sirius-Director’s Cut “But Something is There” underway

Now that I’m working in DaVinci Resolve studio I’m finishing after 11 years this short little film Gilly Neill and I made for fun when Rosie was just a pup.

Using DaVinci Resolve Studio I’m editing a rough cut I was working on in 2018 and finishing it as best I can with what I have to work with and will have this ready to upload soon. It’s time to put this to rest. When Gilly passed in 2013 it was hard to watch let alone work on. Her voice is the computer in the film and it’s her writing.

I’m also making a director’s cut of, “But Something is There”.

I have removed the intro and many of the effects scenes that showed examinations and other frightening aspects of this experience I feel represents negative influences into this phenomenon as a result of human intervention. We were deceived to obtain information and create fear about the visitors IMO. The Sequel will go into this in more detail. We will be shooting “Is SomeoneThere?” later this year. 

The director’s cut will be available in March.