LA Subron fun run 9-11-2021

Mary and I had a great day of fun at the best little lake there is for running our boats. Yorba Regional State Park. Jeff Proteus was a great host. We got there quite late so we missed the other bubbleheads but there were a few left.

I ran my Type 7 for the first time and it was in the water for over 2 hours running great.

Next time I’ll bring the Nautilus. One boat at a time always works better I have found.

More on masks and slot car bodies

Never trust Wikipedia. It is an unreliable and miss informed source of public information. Even bias when it comes to certain facts and information.

When I researched the specs on the 1959 T51 Cooper it said the wheelbase was 104 inches. After I did the math and scaled it to 1/32 it looked too big to me. Later checking Marc Tyler’s Immense Miniatures driver against it I just knew something was wrong. I checked some more and found the same wheelbase on other websites. They were wrong. 

With a little deeper research I did find some sights that had the correct 91 inch wheel base. It may not sound like a lot of difference especially when it’s such a small model but it does.

I made another body master in dense foam yesterday based on the correct wheel base and it’s now correct.
Next week I’ll epoxy glass this master and start the real smoothing and detailing.

I also have an Eye of the Beholder Mask out of the mold and drying over the weekend. Big paint day monday on both masks.

And the Lazar Saucer is coming along too.

Painted parts just stacked together not properly fitted as of yet.

Flying Saucers, Masks, and Slot cars

Mixed bag of goodies this week. The Sixth finger mask is out of the mold and will take over the weekend to dry out enough to be preened and made ready to paint. I put some two part polyurethane foam in the top of the head so it can be worn.

The Lazar saucer got a lot of paint. This will take days to dry properly.

And the T51 Cooper body is shaping up nicely. I also got an “Eye of the Beholder” mask cast up for a customer.
Always fun to do!

Thank you!

I want to thank everyone for reading my book over the last 5 years. Hard to believe it’s been that long. And thank you for all the nice reviews and the 4.5 stars. Thanks for all the emails and letters about it and how it has helped you personally. My aim was always to just tell the truth, the straight story of what happened to me without conjecture or theories. Thus the title, “But Something is there”.

The film by the same name will shortly go through a director’s cut. It will have a new original score. Many CGI effects will be removed. They will be replaced with new visual effects.

The film can then be released on YouTube again without fear of bots and copyright issues. All the music I used was Public Domain but still after nearly a million views the film was pulled down.
Like the book the film doesn’t support the government’s fear driven narrative that UFOs are a threat. The only threat is our people trying to instill fear as a method of maintaining control of the UFO phenomenon and the public’s knowledge of it. I am more afraid of human beings and a governments’ deviant behavior than I could ever be of the visitors.
A good friend of mine once said our people’s approach to UFOs is, “Shoot them down. Let’s see if they are friendly”. And that has certainly been the case.
My next film, “The Dreamtime” is about this fear. It should be released next month.
My work, art, and films will continue about my experiences as long as I can. My work is little known and little heard of because my work has been smothered by the volumes of misinformation and popular UFO charletends.
Few people even realize that my art depicting what is called the greys dates back to the 70’s. It was made popular in the late 80’s and was used in every TV program and magazine at the time. In hindsight I should have trademarked it but never thought to because it was just what I experienced. And the 1000’s of snail mail letters I got from people told me they experienced the very same image.
I have never made my art, books, or films for fame or money. I don’t care about those things. I would have released my book for free if I could have. The films are all free to watch with no strings attached. They cost me 1000s of dollars to make. The crew, actors and technicians all donated their valuable time. No one was paid.
It has always been about truthfully telling my story so it may enlighten human beings to the fact that we are not alone and never have been. That’s all. Yet in all the time I have been doing this I remain unknown except to those kind, gentle souls out there that truly have this experience and have shared it with me alone. They did because they knew from my work I had their experience. This is something they wouldn’t share with anyone else for fear of ridicule. Not their friends or families.
Again, thank you. You know who you are.

Studio stuff and great finds

While suffering from a bad tooth that got infected waiting for a dentist appointment (which I have today) I have been just messing around the studio.

I got the Jag primed and painted BRG.

Worked a bit on the Type 23 German U-boat. You love the brass prop I got for it. Converting the cylinder to a snort system with an air pump for ballast.

I found cool stuff in my storage closet I’m starting to go through. Like the original script, synopsis and budget for my film “Vortex” you know as “The Day Time Ended” today. The original title was better but the executive producer Irwin Yablans thought people wouldn’t understand the title. Oh well. I guess he didn’t either.

I also found a studio copy sent out to broadcasters of the Worlds of Wonder TV commercial I did. That was Doug Jones first job ever and the first time I ever worked with him. We have been friends ever since. It’s because of this commercial he got Mac Tonight that launched his career. This is a 3/4 inch copy. Hi res for those days I need to get this transferred. It was a great commercial. I’m going to put these up for auction and I will sign them. I thought they were lost.

I found my International UFO Reporters. All of them. This was put out by the late great J. Allen Hynek brought credibility to the subject like no other back in the 70’s. He appears in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, (a term he coined). These are in incredible condition. I treasure these!

I finally got a decent picture of this 2001 painting I did awhile ago with a model of the EVA Pod suspended in front of the Star Gate.

I’ll always find more. I’ll save it for further posts. Now I’m off to get yet another tooth pulled. Getting old is hard. But I prefer it to the alternative. 

Building slot Cars

I have had a bunch of resin bodies for years now I have been meaning to turn into functioning slot cars. I love to build cars as much as I like buying turnkeys.
I also like scratch building but to date I’ve only made one truly scratch built car. The true definition of that term is every part of the car body you made yourself. You make the master, you mold it and make the body and all the detail parts…from scratch.
This is my Cooper I scratch built with Chris Wright’s assistance and his Beardog frame.

But I digress. These bodies were sent to me by a gentleman in Australia I have lost track of and his name. If you are reading this please chime in. 

My Bugeyed Sprite was his and so is this beautiful accurate XK-120 I’m now using old 60’s parts to build and a brand new Predator motor from Slot Car corner.

Surprisingly with these 50 year plus old tires and parts theis car runs well. She’s just in primer right now and I plan a BRG paint scheme  after filling in the holes for bumpers and the windshield. I plan to make a single wind screen for the right hand driver.

So much fun this hobby is. Day or night, good weather or raining this hobby can be enjoyed at home entirely without ever leaving the house except for trips to the hobby store for paint and glue. Always support your local hobby shop first or family vendors online such as Slot Car Corner, Electronic Dreams, Proffessor Motor and more.