Today I lay hair!

Got these masks painted yesterday!

Got the the eyes painted, the teeth made and placed. Epoxy glazed the eyes and teeth with drool. Everyone needs a bit of drool on their monsters.

Today on goes the hair and they get packed to ship. It’s taken me awhile to catch up with the back log of orders but I’ve done it as of today!

Thank you all for you patience and orders!!

Masks orders updates! 3-31-2021

Both the Werewolf and Salt Vampire are out of the molds and dry enough to pain and hair. There has been a delay because I ran out of paint, hair, and Barge cement I use to lay the hair on with. I got everything as of yesterday and will be finishing these masks this week. Sorry for the delay I’ll post pictures soon.

All other orders have been shipped on Monday and you should have all got your tracking numbers in an email from the post office.

Thank you all for your patience!

Another busy day 3-25-2021

Got the first round of orders completed yesterday. 2 chimps, an eye of the beholder and, Spock ears. Sounds like a song. The Werewolf should be ready to paint Saturday and I have another Salt Vampire coming our of the mold today. Thank you all for the orders you sure know how to keep this guy busy and I so very much appreciate it!

More projects 3-25-2021

I was asked to do a CGI effects shot for a show that involves an animation to show how our Earth and Sun actually move as they orbit the galactic core. This is being done using Unity. I started in Lightwave but found it easier to use Unity. The Earth will circle up and down around the sun with a wobble and trail behind it to show the orbit.

Slowly but surely these video game engines are replacing Lightwave, 3DMax, Maya, and other expensive 3D programs.

Mask orders keep coming in too and our next short film project is proceeding well. We start shooting in June.

Yesterdays work 3-24-2021

With the studio crazy busy and only me to paint and hair all these masks it’s been a bit daunting. I managed to get both ape masks haired yesterday and today they get the teeth placed in and these orders are ready to go out in the mail.

Still left to do are the Spock Ears in the shadow box and paint and hair the Werewolf mask.

Working on orders

Today I’ll be laying hair on these masks and then they can ship. The Eye of the Beholder mask is done. Spock ears painted and ready to mount in the shadow box. Got a perfect Werewolf of London out of the mold.

I had a little time out of the day to shape those blocks of foam into a Shuttle cockpit. That all worked out very well. Franks kits are just great. I’m waiting on special servos before I can go much further.

The work for this week 3-21-2021

Lets see. Paint 2 Planet of the Apes masks and lay hair on them. Paint and mount a set of Spock ears. Paint a Eye of the Beholder mask. And make up, paint and hair and Werewolf of London.

Werewolf is in the mold drying out rubber. All the rest of the pieces are on this table waiting to be painted Monday.

Stay tuned.

As always be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the full image.