Star Trek Sirius-Director’s Cut “But Something is There” underway

Now that I’m working in DaVinci Resolve studio I’m finishing after 11 years this short little film Gilly Neill and I made for fun when Rosie was just a pup.

Using DaVinci Resolve Studio I’m editing a rough cut I was working on in 2018 and finishing it as best I can with what I have to work with and will have this ready to upload soon. It’s time to put this to rest. When Gilly passed in 2013 it was hard to watch let alone work on. Her voice is the computer in the film and it’s her writing.

I’m also making a director’s cut of, “But Something is There”.

I have removed the intro and many of the effects scenes that showed examinations and other frightening aspects of this experience I feel represents negative influences into this phenomenon as a result of human intervention. We were deceived to obtain information and create fear about the visitors IMO. The Sequel will go into this in more detail. We will be shooting “Is SomeoneThere?” later this year. 

The director’s cut will be available in March.

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Sirius-Director’s Cut “But Something is There” underway

    1. One day we should meet in person. BTW the sequel to “But Something is There ”. It’s entitled, “Is Someone There?” It starts with a flashback to indigenous people and a meeting with the Star People. The script is being written now. BTW Rosie is 12 now and still going strong.


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