Work at the studio and new projects 1-26-2023

I got this model kit in the mail yesterday from an old friend, supporter, and customer. He has asked me to do the build for him. It’s been awhile since I have been asked to build a model for anyone. Usually my price to build is too high for most when there are so many amature modelers doing it for pennies on the dollar these days.

I’ll be doing the usual build log of this model of the TOS Battlestar Galactica. 

I was given this Guillows F4U Corsair by Dave of Smith Brothers a while ago where it sat under my bench until more recently when I got it out and started picking at it in moments of down time. Much of the fuselage and center wing had been built and built well. However over the many years of storage by the previous owners it had suffered many blows and the parts were broken and some missing.

Because Guillows kit plans are so comprehensive in showing all the parts on the plans I was able to fabricate new parts and put the fuse and center section back to good condition.

This plane will have a 30 inch span and will be powered by an electric motor. It will be radio controlled. I’ve always loved the bent wing Corsair. A true legend among the fighter planes of WW2 and Korea. “Devotion”, a great movie, had a lot to do with motivating me to get back to this project.

Meanwhile the work on the Mac Tonight mold continues and by Friday it will be done and I’ll be able to make part 4 in the series of videos that shows you how I made the mold.

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