More progress on Mac and back to the Pony 1-27-2023

After nearly finishing the Mac Tonight mold I actually had some time to work on the Mustang. I started the hard process of covering the plane with monokote. The tail section is the most difficult because of the way they have you assemble the tail you can’t cover the pieces first before assembly. Once I get past the tail it should be easier. 

I also made mounts to screw down the canopy for removal. Eventually I’ll make some cockpit details for the plane. I’m not going all out because this is a sport scale plane to be flown, not to enter contests.

The Mac Tonight mold has the second side of the silicone poured and cured. Today I will mother mold the second half with more epoxy fiberglass and the mold is finished.

Monday I’ll open the mold and clean it out. Tuesday I’ll cast the first one. 

I also managed to make the sunglasses molds so Monday I’ll be able to cast up the parts. Sand them smooth and vacuum form a set of sunglasses.

Part 4 of making this bust and how the mold was made will be posted this weekend.

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