Thank you for the help!

We would like to take this time to acknowledge the generous contributions from the people listed below for helping us with our production of our next film, “A Conversation with my Father”.  The current contributions are being used for sound equipment and props. We have 2 weeks remaining in our Indiegogo campaign for funding this film.Our  film is a heartwarming story of hope for our world. It will change the way you look at life forever. This isn’t a science fiction film or a film about aliens. It’s not a fantasy film and it is based on a true story. This film is art. It’s not being made for profit. It’s being made to share freely with everyone to experience and 

enjoy. To enter the film in film festivals, it costs money. It’s our hope that the film will have enough appeal that it will lead to more film making.We have two new scripts currently. “Forever Flight” and “In My Life”. “Forever flight” is a story about the magic of flight. “In My Life” is a great sci-fi story with a twist.In order to keep making films, for the sake of art in film, we need your support. Everyone that contributes will get credit on the film. You can, as well, get involved and be on set or help us with production.All our films are stories that offer solutions, hope, and positive outcomes for a troubled world. Hope for a better world is our intention.

Thank you.

Eliot Brown
Glen H Kramer
Liz Snyder
Alan Haskell
Gary Hughes

Ve Neill

Dave Ford

David Alan Graf

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