Wings Over Camarillo Air show

We had a great time at the air show this weekend where we spent two days in a hangar talking to many interested families who would like to get the children involved in model rocketry.The airshow was spectacular and a lot of fun. We were invited to attend to participate in the STEM Pavilion with our Ventura Rocketeers NAR section 855 group.

Here’s a few pictures from the event. I’ll have video and more pictures posted later this week.

In closing I’d like to point out that many parents saw the extreme importance of listening to their child’s interest and supporting it. Model flight of any kind is the gateway to a better life for these children that will grow up to have amazing careers in aviation and science.

One family had a 3 year old that craved rockets and airplanes. I asked the parents where this came from? They replied he was born that way.

We let him hold a rocket in his hands and his face lit up like a newborn star. It was an amazing moment. This boy will probably walk on Mars one day and it’s because his parents saw and supported the light in his eyes.

This is why we keep trying to find that field locally so these children can build their dreams and see them fly into the sky. It’s the most important thing we can do.

Please listen to your children. Support their interests. I saw that many parents didn’t share their children’s interest and just tugged them away from our table. It was very sad. Others said they were sending their kids to Space Camp. That’s what we call, “The Right Stuff”.

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