Enjoying my summer vacation 8-2-2022

I’m enjoying my time off with the grandkids. Mary and I took them to the harbor that’s within walking distance of our home. Rosie and I watched the seals. This one male seal has the right idea about how to enjoy life. He was just laying on his back in the water peacefully floating and enjoying.

This is a large image 4K zoom in

I also started back on my ME P. 1101 RC jet. Installing the landing gear is a challenge to say the least. The actual WW2 German jet had the landing gear located in this rather difficult location but I worked it out and now I can do the other main gear.

Nose wheel will be sticking up into the duct but I’ll vacuum form an aerodynamic blister for it to smooth the airflow. 

This is a kit I made back in 2003. One of the first electric composite RC jets back in the day. I’m building this one with all new modern equipment. The old Wemotec unit is just for placement. I have a new E-flite motor and fan inbound. This will run on 4s.

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