Sculpture and figures

Steve on the set of NBC’s “Confirmation” a two hour special back in the 90’s. He created life size puppets for the recreation sequences and puppeteered them.

These full sized grey figures were made by Steve in the early 90’s and used on the popular TV show, “Sightings” and were also used on the “Beyond Communion” book covers.

Steve took this picture on the set of a “Sightings Episode”

Steve made many of these masks in the early 90s and they were so popular as a result of their usage on the tv show “Sightings”.

This mask was made for the “Sightings” TV show in the 90s.

Communion Visitor made for the comic book cover. Steve sent this to Whitley. It’s current whereabouts to this day are a mystery.

Steve sold many of these plaster cast busts in the early 90s. The look was copied by many companies from Alienware to antenna balls and toys. It set the look we know today.

Steve in 1994 sculpting in clay the Communion mask. This mask was highly popular and Steve sold many of them to fans of the book and movie.

One of the latex wearable masks.

These busts are still available signed by Steve and Whitley Strieber

Whitley signing one of the busts.

Full sized Communion puppets made by Steve on the set of NBC’s “Confirmation”

Steve in the early 90’s with a full sized being that was used on “Sightings and many other TV shows.

The two different sized “Sightings Puppets”.

Steve in 19932 sculpting and about to mold a new grey mask for “Sightings” that looks closer to what he experienced.

Steve’s Travis Walton mask from 1977.

One of Steve’s smaller greys made up for an autopsy scene in a TV show back in 1993.

Back in the “Drealnad Effects” days we produced the Communion mask and the grays. I offered hands and other items like the wall plaque with a gray merging out of the wall.

Steve after he just finished the “Communion” visitor puppets for NBC’s “Confirmation” 2 hour TV special.

One of the earliest grey puppets Steve made in 1979

Done in 1979 for a show called “The Ufo Chronicles”