Busy, busy times…6-22-2022

We have another mask week. I spent most of the day yesterday pouring rubber and prepping masks for painting today. When masks come out of the molds there’s always bubbles and seams to remove. Sometimes patching of bubbles with cabopatch filler. Or Bondo as we call it. All this takes time and it’s important to make the best possible mask.

I poured an Orangutan for my dear friend Lou Dalmaso(look him up on the net he does fabulous modeling making!) who’s quite the collector. I’ll be pouring him a Talosian today as well. 

I poured up a set of Spock ears to fill an order.

Busy times at SNG. But I suppose it always is. I have a number of interviews this week for books, shows, and podcasts. 

We are having a rocket launch this week for the kids. We are also helping a young lady to achieve their dream of working on a Star Trek series by shooting and cutting a video for her. We aren’t charging her but rather paying it forward. Mary and I look forward to it.

And we have a special event in Hollywood we have been invited to to attend Sunday.

All this keeps one going and staying sharp at any age. I am so grateful.

I put the painting Vance on Fine Art America and to my surprise people have been buying prints, coffee mugs, iPhone covers, and more. You can see it here.


And the coffee mugs are here. I got one myself.


I am planning another painting I hope to start this week. This one will be on the art of flight. I plan a series of airplane and free flight model paintings.

Speaking of which bit by bit I’m getting this free flight plane built up. Last night I started on the wing. With no instructions and only plans you have to solve a mystery. And I did. She will go up quickly now. I have 3 more planes to build before the big event in October at WestFACS.

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