A weekend of building and flying 6-20-2022

A bit more progress between the lines this weekend. For those of you just tuning in this build is from an old Golden Age Reproduction kit. It’s a printed wood kit so you do have to cut your own parts out. Thus the golden age. But it’s fun to do and I rather enjoy it.

The fuselage is almost there and I’ve just started building the wing panels. I’m drafting up in Photoshop today the correct scale horizontal stab. Nice build so far.

My next build for the mass WW1 launch will be a GAR Fokker DVII which I also have.

I’m building these days not at the studio but at home in my hobby room adorned with hanging model airplanes, my flight sim setup PC, and slot car track. It’s a tiny area but the ambience is wonderful compared to work at my large studio where I’m often distracted by my work there. Nice thing about free flight models is that they don’t take up the room my larger RC builds do.

I also went flying RC Sunday. I flew the Rebel jet 2 more times. This jet really hauls the mail and is a joy to fly. I also Flew my 100 inch span AWS 28. The Sun was shining, it was comfortably warm and it was a bit windy. It was a glorious day of flying for all there.

This never gets old. What a wonderful thing it is to build and fly.

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