Laser Blast and V-2 Rockets

Spent another couple of hours on the Laser blast figure. It’s shaping up. Lots of work to do still and the head is just a rough out. It will get dialed in to really look like me back then.

It’s cool to see the turtle alien next to the figure. They are both the same scale. Gary Hughes built this for me as a gift I treasure.

The V-2 has it’s base colors. Next is to detail it and ad the decal. I plan to panel line it and weather it a bit.

My friend in Spain and author Octavio López Sanjuán wrote this extensive book on my dear friend Larry Cohen’s film series, It’s Alive. I was written about in the book and he sent me a copy.

Me and Mark Williams who worked at my studio on Island of the alive and several other films. He passed in 1998 from pneumonia. This picture here is with Mark when we worked on Larry’s Return to Salem’s Lot.

Octavio has asked to do a book on my career. I am so glad he will be the one to finally do this book so many of you have asked for. I have 100’s of pictures from my career to go through. He will be a busy man.

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