Wednesday’s work

I didn’t get to run silicone in the molds but I did finish off all my Crater Lake Monster orders. Customers come first always.

The dental acrylic worked very well for the teeth. No white water this time just a wet look for the base.

I spent some time on our film project. There’s much work to do and in the film there’s a scene with the being from the famous book “Communion”. She appears briefly out of a dream like fog of soft focus and removes one of her black eye covers reveling she has actual eyes behind them.

It’s a quick shot. I considered making a practical puppet that I puppeteer. But the shot is so brief and soft focus I thought it might be more work than I needed to do. I quickly built up a wire frame mesh of her in Lightwave. Once this has a boned armature I’ll be able to animate her and get the shot.

We start shooting on the stage in less than 3 weeks and I’m happy to report I have much of what’s needed, and built for the production. She’s not exact to the book cover but once moving in animation and lighted correctly she will sell the shot.

I also worked on the dreamtime sets. These sets are all digital backgrounds. Our actors will be sitting on benches inside this place. In the background the spirits of the dead walk the halls and can be seen passing behind our actors. At points in the film some stop, materialize as passed loved ones to our main character. This is where the conversation happens between Mark and Hitler.

The building or place is also dream like, soft focus and surreal. Early tests I did have a camera move which shows the entire set. The walks will be slowed down but the test shows much promise.

I did all of this in Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games. I did two passes. One with the BKG and the other with the spirits. This way I could control the blur, transparency, and other aspects of the shot in After Effects. There is still much to tweak but it’s getting close enough to what I had envisioned in my script to work well.

I’m very excited to make a new film. It’s been 3 years since “But Something is There” and about time. This is a sequel to the first and a very different film.

I’m writing a new script called “The Gateway”. This one is about a child that plays with rockets under much adversity growing up. Where it takes him in life is a lesson to every parent who raises there children to reach to the stars. Nothing is impossible! This will begin production soon after the finish of “The Dreamtime”

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