Work in the studio yesterday

Mostly I spent the day working on filling orders. A few Crater Lake Monsters. One nearly finished and another in the box as a kit to be shipped.

You can see with the kits I’m signing the bases. I couldn’t think of where else to do it. The painted one has yet to get his teeth and looks a bit like Cecil without them. I found a way to get the tiny teeth out of the silicone molds without bubbles. I used dental acrylic powder and placed it in the mold first and then dripped the liquid monomer to the powder. This worked and 90 % of them come out successfully and they are stronger than the two part resin.

I had time at the end of the day I prepped the molds for Robbs Hitler makeup. I’ll be running the first set of prosthetics today. Here you see what if takes materials wise to make and run the silicone prosthetics.

I also worked on the V-2 some more and the masters are ready to start making molds of.

It was a good day all around. I even took the car cover off my 1985 300zx, dusted her off and started her up. I need to drive the car more often. It is now officially a classic and runs like a top. She looks brand new still inside and out. I had it restored 3 years ago.

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