Crater Lake Monster Sculpture Done

Next week on Monday I start the molding process on this sculpture. This will be all covered in our “In-depth” video series. It will show the mold and product being cast and finished.

Next up will be the Laser Blast figure of me from the beginning of the movie holding the gun in that classic pose. The gun will be 3D printed but the figure and head will be done by hand and molded like the Crater Lake Monster.

This is me in the desert during the film shoot with Ve Neill, Dave Allen, and Paul Gentry. We shot the entire opening scene alone with Dave’s old Mitchel 35 mm camera and available light. I will be telling stories about this film as we go along.

I’ll continue show the process of molding the monster in brief articles here as well but the videos, should you subscribe to our Patreon page) will be far more detailed.

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