More on the Crater Lake Monster

I’m now sculpting the base. The base will be cast separate thus the gap between the neck and the water. This gets filled in by the builder with clear epoxy. As much as possible I’m making this look close to the original big head I made with a little of the stop motion puppet mixed in.

In looking for images to use for a base plague I found a review of the film where Graf Orlock said the prop head was made of Styrofoam. Granted this film wasn’t a masterpiece but as is typical with critics they often don’t research well enough to know enough about their subject matter to be taken seriously. Obviously this head was not made of Styrofoam. Anyone could have easily researched this. It’s on the net.

The stop motion puppet was quite crude as most puppets were. Although the original sculptures were quite good, poorly made molds in those days resulted in massive seamlines, foam rubber castings around the armatures that were less then stellar were often patches with liquid latex and cotton fabrication. I try to match all this because this gives it a charm. I have seen kits out there of stop motion puppets that are so well done they hardly capture the feel of the actual screen used puppets. Lastly they are rarely made by artists that worked on the films.

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