All in one piece – 5-25-2023

More and more work on the enterprise E. What a journey. Of course I have been through this journey so many times I lose count. But no matter how seasoned a maker-modeler you are, every model (with the exception of repeats) or thing you make is the first time. Therefore your experience won’t always prepare you for the changes of course the said project takes you on.

In the case of this model the size is a bit daunting. Your nerves can be quite on edge with this much wiring and electronic possibilities of failure. It has happened. you get to a point where you carefully put all the main pieces together and the lights go out. This brings a big gulp and a sinking feeling that’s most uncomfortable.

Yesterday I closed this model up. The saucer section was finally attached to the engineering section and the switch went on. She lit up beautifully without a flicker and was solid.

At this point you sit down and take a moment. One where you take joy in all the careful planning you did.

Next? We filled the numerous gaps for the poor fitting parts. Many in this kit were warped plastic.

Today I’ll be sanding and touching up the paint as I go along. It’s my hope that I can start the many decals (in the hundreds) tomorrow. Certainly by Monday.

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