this Weeks Newsletter 5-21-2023

The building of the model for my friend and customer continues. There’s just so much to do. I had a time out Thursday. Mary and I both caught some kind of stomach bug which laid us up at home.When you’re trying to make a deadline, every day counts. I have at this point got all the lighting into the model and working well. Starting tomorrow I’ll be putting together the model and all its sub assemblies into one piece. From there I can fill gaps, touch up the paint and add the decals.

I did map out how I will make the chassis for my new vintage Formula 1 slot car build, at home in the evenings.

Here you see it just sitting in its axles and new wire wheels for a look.

This car is a real history maker in auto racing and I plan to do more. 

Our film, “A Conversation with my Father”  is in the final cut phase and the sound editing and score are still not finished. It will be soon and we can release our new film many of you helped us make.

My latest episode of “Slot Car Fun” is online this morning. I interviewed Frank Peter De Van Goor. He is a master modeler for slot car racing tracks. A very talented and inspired man who was a race driver himself and a race driving instructor. He has a deep passion for racing history too which I myself have learned so much from his amazing videos.

I plan to do a series of interviews with some of the greats of slot car racing in future shows.

Here is the weekly SNG Studio Update that shows the work I have been doing on the Enterprise model:

Saturday we had another great rocket launch.Thank you Mark Ware for purchasing this additional launch equipment and launch pad for our group, Ventura Rocketeers. Everyone appreciated it very much and we were able to set up 10 rockets on the pads. It made for a very smooth launch!

Here’s some pictures and video from the day:

I was walking out to retrieve a rocket that I launched and, as I did, in my peripheral vision I noticed movement on the ground. I thought it was maybe some kind of bug but as I stopped and focused on the object I noticed it was a small baby toad. Not wanting to step on it I caught it in my hand. I clasped my hand over it so it could not escape as I had learned to do when I was a small child. I was quite the nature kid and I still am.  The little guy did his best to escape and I could feel him pushing at the crack between my thumb and palm but he settled in and became quite calm. Because we are all connected to all living things in this life he  knew my intentions. I was not going to harm him. Somehow he could just sense it. I could sense him. It was a wonderful moment to have this communion with this tiny life.

I brought him over to show Joaquin and his father, Arnulfo. I opened my hand and the little guy just sat in my hand and we observed how beautiful this little creature is. Arnulfo took this picture to capture the moment. After that I walked a safe distance away from our activities. The little guy just sat there looking around as I slowly bent over he looked at the grass and back at me before leaping off my hand to safety. Moments like this are important because they remind us all how important life is and how we benefit each other.

 Our friend, Carlos Grasso, a fascinating artist, had a reception for his artwork at the H Gallery on Main Street in Ventura that we attended. He even had a 3D piece with accompanying glasses for viewing. Please visit his website to seeing his work:

Mary, the first part of the week (before the bug on Thursday) did some more alcohol ink painting and burning. Her weekly views can be read on her blog, Art by Cacciapaglia

As always thank you for being our friend and supporter of our Art. Stay Creative, it gives life purpose.We love you very much,Steve and Mary

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