Tuesday at the Studio-3-14-2023

I managed to get the paint booth working again by using a large power supply. The power supply that comes with these spray booths is underrated amp wise and thus the problem of them burning out overtime. The motor and lights are fine. This power supply gives it the amps it needs and all is fine.

Warming up the parts in the oven and the paint I find works. So I can now get back to the Battlestar this way because the rain just keeps coming and the cold is still on. Scientists are telling us this is the new norm. My own personal research has verified this.

I had a short day yesterday but got the Redstone test rocket ready to fly for the next launch. I’ll be releasing this kit soon.

Shown here are the few things you actually have to build such as the escape tower from wood doweling. This tower is very strong.

The rocket is light to say the least and should put on a great show on a D-E motor.

The Cyclops mask is ready to patch and ready to paint now that it has dried enough. It took some time in this weather.

Thanks for all the orders this week. I very much appreciate your support. Despite the price increases to my masks they are selling. Thanks for understanding the nature of the beast.

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