Monday, Monday…3-14-2023

Monday was a busy day of organizing, shopping, and opening molds. I got the cyclops out of the mold and I’m running another this morning.

Raw rubber mask fresh out of the mold.

Mercury Redstone molds. Capsule fins, escape tower tank, and engine bells.

We have more heavy rain today making it impossible to paint models well. It’s the middle of March now, almost spring and we still have this non-stop rain. The temperatures are warming though so we are hopeful the warmer dryer conditions will be with us soon.

I did have a little time at the end of the day to work on the new Mercury Redstone kit. The prototype is coming along well. No painting here the body tube as paper wraps on it with 3m 77 making the paint job accurate and a bit easier to do.

Engine mount is in, shock cord, and the fins will be placed on today. That leaves the escape tower to do. It will be made of hardwood doweling which will be quite durable and stronger than plastic.

This rocket will fly April 8th. The rocket will finish this week. So I’m hoping for better weather next week to finish the Battlestar. Once that’s built I have an EVA pod to build from 2001: a space odyssey.

Mask will get trimmed today and made ready to paint. With mask paints there’s no problem with the paint. It is non toxic and water soluble. You can dry it with a hair dryer if necessary.   

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