Making a Big V-2 Rocket-3-6-2023

Working hard to get some new kits on the market and added to our store I worked on the Big V-2 Rocket yesterday and got pretty far.

I know this was a war machine and a pretty gruesome one at that but it also paved the way to space, the Moon, and beyond for all of us. After WW2 many were captured and brought to the United States for study. They were flown in test flights from White Sands into space for the first time.

Often the pressing of new technologies for warfare lead to technologies of peaceful use. It’s a shame that so much of our tech came out of a need to kill each other. I hope that one day this will cease to be the motivation for the development of such technology and instead be the desire to explore the universe in peace and wonder. Together as one race, one world. But I digress. 

The V-2 was the very first rocket I saw as a child and it filled me with wonder as our scientist sent it to the edge of space. At that time I didn’t know it was a flying bomb. Only a rocket ship to the stars. To this day it holds a special place for me as it does with any childhood wonder. Other kids had teddy bears. I had rockets and telescopes. I did it again. I digressed. 

So this larger V-2 I’m hoping to launch this Saturday(weather permitting). I’ll be using an Estes F15-4 as I need to limit the altitude where we launch.

This rocket with a G64-W is capable of reaching 2000 ft according to simulations I have run. 5000 ft on a H motor.

I love doing this. It was a dream of mine as a child to have my own space program. Now I do. Dreams do come true. 


Three different sized V-2 rocket kits I have made.

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