Vacation at SNG Studio 7-27-2022

Another quiet day at the studio. In a way this is our summer vacation and the slump we always get this time of year. Still I pulled a Seemore from the mold. These guys have been popular lately. Nice thick casting from the new rubber I picked up from Burman industries. Seems the rubber has been improved over the past batches. 

Today he gets prepped for painting and tomorrow he will be painted and finished.

I worked on adding landing gear to a small BF-109 I’ve been flying for years. There was no gear for it and I just hand launched it at the park. Now that I have a runway I decided to put gear one her. I added a tail wheel too so she can taxi.

Then I went upstairs and worked some more on my new painting. It’s very rough and I have some much to do still but you can see what it’s shaping up to be. This is based on a cover of my favorite magazine, “The Flying Aces” newsletter. The all free flight old school Flying Aces Club which I’m a proud member of.

The original cover photo from WestFACS event in Arizona as reference

And that was the day. More painting today for me and a bit of model airplane. It’s a nice vacation.

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