The Track that is forever changing

Working on a track that you have little access to on the opposite side is hard. Especially at age 69. Although I work out and have a strict health routine, leaning on tables and footstools to stretch over 4.5 feet is difficult. Nevertheless over 3 days of an hour here and an hour there, I got it running smoothly, and made some of my own borders.
I really like it. If the track was stretched out it would be over 20 ft. long. 41 feet in total length of track and it feels like it.
Now the hard job of re-landscaping begins. Als bit by bit. đŸ˜‰
BTW. I love the hairpin! Drifting is fun!

BTW the kids are back home and we are heading to the studio for our regular routine of making monsters and toys for you to enjoy! Thanks for the wait!

4 thoughts on “The Track that is forever changing

  1. Hi Steve, great looking track! I love slot cars also. I’m looking forward to the T-71 finish product. Have no F1 cars in my collection. I’m a fan of your work and would be honored to have your T-71 when its available. Please never stop creating!


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