Where have I been? 11-23-2021

  The last three days have been spent on location in Vista California. A 4 hour drive from Ventura and a brutal one at that.  I have never seen more  accidents and driving with “total want and disregard “. This has directly increased with the bad politics in this country to such a level it’s worth your life to drive anywhere.
 Fortunately for Mary and I we were in our motorhome which tends to keep them away. By the time we got to the grandchildren’s home in Vista we were exhausted. Three days there, Elaina’s 7th birthday party and sleeping in the motorhome Mary and I are pretty spent. To add insult to injury, Elaina’s 2 year old sister was sick. Mary and the whole household got it(except me). Then there was the 4 hours of driving back home. We saw 8 cars pile up in the carpool lane. They were always such a lame idea. Half the people in the lane don’t have passengers anyway or electric vehicles.

So far I have been spared the cold or whatever it is. Today I’m going to the studio alone to catch up on orders I’m now behind on. Getting sleep hasn’t been stellar either with Mary coughing and being in discomfort during the night.

With Mary sick I think Thanksgiving may be a wrap so I may work that day too just to catch up.
Whatever she has she can smell and taste. So it’s not covid. Either way this is no fun. Next time I’m wearing a mask when we go there or I’m staying home.
Sorry for the delay to all my customers. I’ll keep at it because “I don’t believe in a no win Scenario”. 😉

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