Another busy day

Yesterday was a mix. I poured orders for and Communion bust and original Spock Ears for the Ticonderoga Star Trek Set Tours Museum.

I used for the first time my pressure pot for resin casting and cast parts from my new molds for the Slot Car kit I’m producing. They came out great. No bubbles and even the tiniest parts like the steering wheel came out of the molds perfectly.

I vacuumed formed the first wind screen for the slot car and test fit it and the resin cast exhaust. Mounted the motor to the frame and put some dummy wheels on the car until the scale wheels and tires show up from New Zealand. This car is going to work out very well. I used an old Mattel vacuum former from the 60’s to do a first test. Later I’ll use the large vacuum form machine to make up to 20 at one time.

The motors arrived from Canada from Solarbotics and they are excellent. Perfect fit exactly so the seat fits in and a full driver and cockpit.

And lastly a bunch more fiber optics in the Star Destroyer! I should finish all the lighting today.
Great day. I want another today! 

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