Work update 10-13-2021

  Yesterday I opened the body mold for the Laser Blast Figure and successfully poured up the first body. No problems found.  I have roughly assembled a figure with hands, gun, and a film can base. The film can is a casting of one of the original film cans used in the movie as a base for the control panel on the Laser Blast gun I made for the movie. I thought it would make for an interesting base and tribute.

I pulled the two masks from their molds and trimmed them up. I should be able to start painting today.
I finished another T-shirt design I hope to submit to Blipshift this week. 
Great busy day. More tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Work update 10-13-2021

  1. I like seeing your art work Steve. The gory stuff is not for me, but the rest I really like. I have always felt a tiny bit jealous of those who are able to produce real art. My wife can do this. She is not as good at it as yourself. When I was a little boy I produced art that still amazes me today. I completely lost that ability as I aged. It was gone by age 8.

    I little knowledge of art other than knowing what I like. I love Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci, and Monet. Monet moves something in me I cannot describe. The first time I saw “Bridge over a  Pond of Water Lilies” I was electrified. Abstract art leaves me cold. I just love stuff that stirs something inside me. I cannot identify this “something inside me”.

    When I lived in Paris I visited the Louvre. When I visited in the middle of the week in 1963 it was almost completely empty. You could walk right up to the Mona Lisa and look at the brush strokes. I was able to examine a lot of art works without distraction.

    I was in the military back then and had a job that produced constant anxiety in me. The visit to the Louvre was a time when I actually stopped worrying about what job my officer at the embassy might have for me. Even walking along the Seine in the evening could not stop my anxiety. My job was to run errands in Eastern Europe and not get arrested. I travelled by train and BOAC. I loved those old airliners called the comet. It was an extraordinarily beautiful aircraft inside and out.



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