Busy week 10-8-2021

Lots of stuff this week from mask making, molds, slot car bodies and more. That’s the way I like it. I could never be bored!

So yesterday I laid up the fiberglass epoxy mother mold for side one of the Laser Blast figure. Today I’ll flip this over, remove the clay and cast up side two with silicone. This will be followed by another round of epoxy glass on Monday and that finishes the mold.

Next up I molded the first half of the head in Silicone. No need for a mother mold, just solid silicone works fine at this thickness. Side two gets cast today and that mold is finished.

I also cast the hands. They are just dipped in silicone on aluminium rods. Today I’ll slice the silicone with a hobby knife and release the masters.

Monday I’ll have all the molds ready to run the first figure in resin Tuesday.

Remember the car body? A 1959 Cooper formula one car. It is a 1/32 slot car I plan to build from scratch and market the body kit. We” I have been picking at it bit by bit and the first pass is nearly done. 

From this master I’ll pull a mold in silicone, pour a resin cast solid body master and then tool the master with all the scribe lines and details. From this I make the final mold for the production run. It’s always easier to do the detail work if the body master is made of one consistent material.

Today I’m also painting two masks. That red and black guy from those family movies we all know and love and this Outer Limits mask we also all know and love!

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