Building slot Cars

I have had a bunch of resin bodies for years now I have been meaning to turn into functioning slot cars. I love to build cars as much as I like buying turnkeys.
I also like scratch building but to date I’ve only made one truly scratch built car. The true definition of that term is every part of the car body you made yourself. You make the master, you mold it and make the body and all the detail parts…from scratch.
This is my Cooper I scratch built with Chris Wright’s assistance and his Beardog frame.

But I digress. These bodies were sent to me by a gentleman in Australia I have lost track of and his name. If you are reading this please chime in. 

My Bugeyed Sprite was his and so is this beautiful accurate XK-120 I’m now using old 60’s parts to build and a brand new Predator motor from Slot Car corner.

Surprisingly with these 50 year plus old tires and parts theis car runs well. She’s just in primer right now and I plan a BRG paint scheme  after filling in the holes for bumpers and the windshield. I plan to make a single wind screen for the right hand driver.

So much fun this hobby is. Day or night, good weather or raining this hobby can be enjoyed at home entirely without ever leaving the house except for trips to the hobby store for paint and glue. Always support your local hobby shop first or family vendors online such as Slot Car Corner, Electronic Dreams, Proffessor Motor and more.

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