Finished masks and one to go

I finished yesterday the Seemore and Werewolf. These ship on Monday. Still to come is the finishing on the Moon watcher mask. The skin needs to be painted and the under skull attached to the head cap. My hair order arrived yesterday so I can make a nice blend of black, dark brown and touch of grey.

I painted the teeth and gums yesterday and found the tongue mold, it was missing so I’ll cast the tongue today. All my latest orders will be done next week and I hope to get back to the Laser Blast figure.

Many of you have asked for a full sized Laser Blast gun and don’t have an interest in the figure. I’m sorry to report that the gun is too hard to make, to costly and would require outsourcing to make. I don’t have the funds for this nor would it be profitable to make.

Here’s some pictures from the day. Be sure to click on the thumbs for the larger image.

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