I thought I’d post a picture of the latest lighter skinned and salt and pepper haired Henry Hull Werewolf of London. This was requested by the customer. I finished this Friday too late to go out in the mail. It will ship Monday.

Meanwhile work continues on the film. I have managed to completely edit the entire timeline. I only have a few more composites today to do and it’s ready for sound mix. It is hard work but so rewarding. There’s nothing like film making.

Being able to watch Robb Wolford and Steve Altman perform in character on the screen feels like a real conversation. They are both excellent actors and have brought a realism to this film that I so greatly appreciate.

2 thoughts on “Sunday…7-11-2021

  1. I want that light skinned, salt and pepper haired werewolf!! Exactly like the one in your pics. It’s fabulous so sign me up now!


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