Laser Blast Update

Mark Helmick brought by the parts for the gun yesterday. They are just mazing he did such a great job!

I need to order the correct size tubing for the guns but I can tell already the gun is a perfect fit to the sculpture.

Yesterday was spent cleaning up the bay. Over a year of Covid lock down made for piles of stuff we didn’t need. Plus we needed our stage space for this weekends first shoot for our film. A large percentage of the film is green screen with CGI backgrounds made in Unreal Engine 4.

Got my 1985 Z back from my mechanic yesterday. She’s running perfect and has a new clutch slave cylinder and new tires. Can’t wait to take her on Sunday drives.

Today we are doing the makeup test on Robb Wolford as Hitler. We are putting it all on video and taking pictures and will share that all tomorrow.

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