Work continues…

On both movie and the V-2 Rocket with great sucess.

I finally ran the prosthetic molds for the Hitler makeup. I got perfect prosthetics the first time. It’s been a while since I ran encapsulated silicone pieces but it all came back to me. Today I’ll run a few more sets for back up and we are good for the makeup test next week in full wardrobe with Robb. When I run them again I’ll video the entire process for “How To make a Monster Part 5” of our subscriber only video series.

In addition I cast up another customers Crater Lake Monster kit. And parts for the V-2 Rocket from my newly opened silicone molds.

Today I’m going to assemble and primer a V-2. All parts are resin. No balsa fins on this pone. Again thanks Mark Helmick for printing these parts for me!!

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