Masks! And More Masks

We get lots of orders weekly. Got some more orders for Apes masks. Seems I really do need to make the Orang and Gorilla’s next. I will start those next week.

Here’s a picture of a just poured Chimp mask. Poured more teeth. Today I pour some more.

Meanwhile I got an order for an Eye of the Beholder Mask. I found the mold a bit worn out so I got by half face life mask out and did a re-sculpt or new sculpture of the famous William Tuttle make-up. I just loved his stuff. The 2003 remake just didn’t haver the same charm of the original.

I documented the sculpture on video yesterday. Today I’ll cover the mold making process and in a day or two the casting, painting and finishing of the mask. This will be an in-depth video for our patrons at our Patreon website: Our Patreon Website anyone day a 1 and up a month gets access to our special in-depth videos and more.

It was a busy day and I managed to finish off the in-depth video build of this Little Joe 2 rocket we will fly at a rocket launch in Lucerne Dry lake bed April 10th. Love this 60’s rocket!

Next up a space shuttle that launches under rocket power and then radio controls back to earth for a controlled landing.

Here’s the model designed and flown here by my friend Frank Burke of Dynasoar Rocketry.

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