AltaspaceVR and VR

I made my first world. Not finished but really cool. Find me on Altspacevr. Better than Zoom and Facebook could ever be. You are virtually there and can experience social activities again from exploring worlds and going to parties, raves, lectures, music events, teaching classes on any subject, and more. It’s the closest thing to being there.

I’m using Unity to create the worlds. The meshes I make in Lightwave and convert to FBX files that work in Unity.

Here’s a few frame grabs.

Click on the thumbs for full sized images. These are frame grabs from 2D. If you don’t have VR you can still attend in 2D on your pad, phone, laptop or desktop. But VR is better.

Although a bit sparse I’m adding new things all the time to this world. The large screen with my art piece on it wwill be a movie screen where we will run movies, videos and more for specials SNG Studio Events.

To get a free account for Altspace follow the link: It’s easy to use and you can make your own worlds with there own tools they offer. If you don’t have a headset and are wondering what one to get I recommend the Oculus Quest 2. With the Oculus Quest you don’t need an expensive high end PC or Mac. It’s stand alone and cordless.

We have one and Marry loves it. I use the higher resolution HP Reverb.

Hope to see you there. My user name is:


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